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There are many piercing trends sweeping the nation at the moment and the majority of them are associated with teenagers as they see their body piercing as a way of showing their individuality or a way to change their look.

Different types of body jewellery have different effects on peoples look and many of the hot piercings are usually on the face. Recently in 00s alternative piercing types have become available, one of which is the dermal anchor, this has become very popular among younger people and can be situated in almost any part of the body. 

It is known to have replaced the surface piercing in a way as it lasts for a lot longer and has a tidier look. There are also other piercing trends that are very popular among teenagers and these include types such as:

- Venom Piercings: These can be situated either on your tongue or lips and it is when you have two symmetrical piercings at once. It started off as just on the tongue but as style has developed, many people are alternating the way they are placed.

- Anti-Eyebrow Piercings: The placement of this surface or dermal piercing is situated below the eyebrow and above the cheek bone and is also known as an upper cheek piercing. If done by professionals it has minimal pain but if done incorrectly or by someone who isn’t a piercing it may become infected or not be placed properly.

- Stretching: Many people are into stretching at the moment and it is pretty easy to do, you just need tapers in the correct size and then each time an individual wants to make the size of their hole bigger they can simply use one of these. They are very popular at the moment and are seen almost everywhere you go.

- Cheek Piercing: This is situated where dimples are usually seen on people’s cheeks. They are becoming increasingly popular but are known to be more painful than some other piercings because of their placement.


As we have just made our way into a new decade there is no doubting that a whole new range of piercing trends will be making an appearance. However, no matter how good a piercing looks you still need to ensure that you give it the aftercare it needs so that it doesn’t become infected or migrate out. 

If you need any more help from Blue Banana on your body piercing then just head to our piercing information page.

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