Everything You Need To Know About Inserting Body Jewellery

The process of inserting your body jewellery may be simple to many people but it can be quite daunting for those who have never done it before.  After all, slipping metal into your skin isnít something you do every day! To guide you when inserting your body jewellery, follow these simple steps to prevent infection, stay healthy and accessories your body.

Make sure you always wash your hands before inserting your body jewellery. In fact, you should always wash your hands every time you touch your piercing. You wouldnít touch a cut or scrape with dirty hands, and new piercings are the same way. Use an antibacterial solution and remember to scrub for a few minutes to kill germs and keep your body jewellery safe.

Next, clean the piercing itself so you can insert your body jewellery hygienically. Use antibacterial solution just like you used on your hands. Make sure to rinse the area thoroughly once youíre done to make sure there is no residue left over.

Once your hands and piercing are clean, you are ready to begin inserting your body jewellery. Pinch the skin near the piercing and push the jewellery through one hole. While one finger is guiding the jewellery in, use your other finger to feel around the other hole for it coming through. The best way to go about inserting your body jewellery is to massage your chosen item through the piercing with your fingers.

Once you have finished inserting your body jewellery, make sure to put the stopper on the other end so that it doesnít fall out. Some stoppers clip on, some snap on and some screw on. Make sure you know how your jewellery works before you start inserting it. Itís a good idea to clean your piercing after inserting your body jewellery too, just to make sure the area stays clean and healthy.

If youíre having trouble inserting your body jewellery, try taking a hot shower beforehand. This will make your skin more flexible and ease the process. Remember that your body is a fragile place, especially when injured and even when itís on purpose. Keep your piercing clean by washing your hands before inserting your body jewellery and washing the piercing itself, too. You donít want infection cramping your new style.

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