Above: Tongue piercing with a purple titanium Barbell.

Horizontal Piercings 101

Opting for a horizontal piercing will allow you to jump on one of the latest trends before it becomes the popular movement it is destined to be, giving you the chance to take credit for the success of horizontal piercings such as the tongue. 

With different areas to try out horizontal piercings, you can find the area that suits your style most and complete your alternative image with ease. The procedure is like many common piercings where the area of choice is pierced by a needle and followed through by your jewel of choice. 

The procedure itself is known to be quite painful which is certain to put a few people off getting it done, but overlooking the pain is sure to benefit you after the piercing is complete. After the piercing procedure is done, effective aftercare is essential in preserving your new accessory. Some of the most effective horizontal piercing aftercare includes;
  • Being careful when eating (in the case of tongue piercings)
  • Being careful when speaking (Again, the same)
  • Being careful with items that might snag on your piercing such as clothing
  • Making sure not to aggravate the area
  • Checking swelling, if swelling hasn’t gone down in at least two weeks consult a doctor
There are plenty of areas that the horizontal piercing can be placed, including the; tongue, eyebrow and philtrum. Each area is applied relatively in the same manner; for example, the eyebrow piercing is a surface piercing and is attached through piercing the skin and sliding through. The horizontal tongue piercing is possibly the most risky and comes with a range of potential health problems. It is possible that if the tongue piercing isn’t performed correctly the speech of the wearer could be affected, due to a potential decrease in the mobility of the tongue. There are also risks of damage to the wearer’s teeth, this is often focused around bars that are too large coming in contact with teeth and chipping them. Due to the high likelihood of these side-effects occurring, many people do not even consider a horizontal piercing when it comes to choosing their piercing.

Before even attempting a horizontal piercing procedure it is essential to check the area chosen for any blood vessels to prevent any serious damage from being caused. When it comes to choosing the perfect jewellery for your horizontal piercing it is recommended that flexible jewellery is chosen as this can reduce the likelihood of any disruption to the healing process. The most popular out of the horizontal piercings is the horizontal tongue piercing as it is certain to make your piercing different from everyone else’s. So if you are thinking of getting a new piercing, at least consider the horizontal piercing as it is one of the most interesting in today’s market.

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