Frowny Piercing 101

A frowny piercing is a reversed smiley piercing and goes through the frenulum behind the bottom lip, which connects the lip to the gums. This is a simple piercing that is also fast to heal and is very private, often only being revealed if a person pulls down the lower lip with their fingers. 


As a frowny piercing is an oral piercing, you should rinse your mouth out daily with either a PHP neutral mouthwash or a saline solution after eating as well as twice a day. Healing time is usually four to twelve weeks and you should avoid smoking, alcohol or spicy foods until the piercing is healed to deter any unnecessary irritation. 

A frowny piercing can easily reject so you should keep an eye on its placement and for any changes, though it’s not as likely to reject over time as the smiley piercing. Some people will not have a frenulum in this area of their mouth, which obviously rules out their suitability for this body modification so always think about whether your anatomy has space for this oral piercing. 

Be advised that the close proximity this oral piercing has to the gums and teeth could cause deterioration and if you notice any you should return to your piercer immediately.

Avoid smoking, alcohol and spicy foods until healing is finished and also keep in mind that kissing exchanges a lot of bacteria.


Body jewellery that can be worn with a frowny piercing include BCR’s and barbells, with some choosing to wear large BCR’s that rest against the teeth, allowing for this oral piercing to always be visible.

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