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Getting a uvula piercing is one of the rarest oral piercings available and it can be a challenge to find a piercer who is comfortable with this form of body modification. 

Your uvula is the projection at the back of your throat which you can see in the mirror. It is possible to get this part of the body pierced, creating an almost invisible piercing that is usually incredibly personal to the one receiving it. This is a rare example where the pierce plays just as important role as the piercer during the procedure as any kind of gagging will make piercing impossible.

With uvula piercings, itís a common misconception that there might be the danger of inhaling your body jewellery. This doesnít hold true however swallowing can be a greater danger as the muscles push together during each act of swallowing. You also donít need to worry about damaging your uvula as this aspect of the body can be removed for snoring problems in everyday situations, so this isnít something that mustnít be damaged or interfered with. 

Uvula Piercing Tips
  • A very rare oral piercing, ensure that you find a piercer who is confident with the procedure. Requires the person being pierced to remain calm so as not to set off the gag reflex.
  • Very fast healing time, often under a month
  • Uses BCRís for body jewellery
  • Almost entirely invisible and it has been reported that people who have this piercing grow used to feeling it in their throat.


To have this rare piercing, you must remain perfectly calm as the needle is pushed through and BCRís are used as body jewellery. 

If you want to get this rare piercing then you will need to find an experienced piercer who can show you examples of their work. As stated before, this is a piercing that requires you to remain calm and fight what might be a very strong urge to gag during the piercing. If you donít know if you could do this then a uvula piercing isnít for you, as the risks of damage can be high if you gag whilst the needle is inserted etc. This oral piercing is seen as a medal of honour for some body modification enthusiasts though it can be seen as very strange for those unfamiliar with piercing as it is almost invisible. For a body modification like nothing else, uvula piecingís have earned their place as an extreme body modification. 


Healing is fast at two to three weeks but this is obviously not a choice to be taken lightly. A problem that can develop with this oral piercing is a build-up of plaque but generally an anti-plaque mouthwash will help a great deal. 


Obviously the gauge and jewellery for this piercing will be very small but those with a uvula piercing still report feeling their piercing resting inside their throat, so involuntary gagging can be a problem during initial healing. 

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