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There are many common piercing mistakes made by those who have just received a body modification.

Above: Mixture of body piercings and body jewellery materials
This could be because they donít know as much about piercings as they should but even those who are well-versed in piercing can make problems for themselves if they donít have all the facts about what theyíre doing. Some of these mistakes are quite general, whilst others are very specific and may even be about one piercing in particular, so here are a few mistakes that we often notice when it comes to piercings. 

A general point but this can be a serious problem. If youíre interested in getting a piercing, do some research.  We donít mean asking for peopleís opinions on a piercing forum, unless you know there are plenty of professionals that will be able to give you tried and tested advice, because many people interpret and make guesses about piercings that can lead to a lot of confusion. Donít just get a piercing on a whim, get as much advice as possible!


We know how unbearably uncomfortable a piercing can become if it gets a little crusty or swollen initially but donít twist your jewellery. 

Some people claim that this will speed up the healing because itíll dislodge the jewellery but this is bad piercing advice and the NHS advises that you donít touch a piercing AT ALL for the first 72 hours. Twisting the piercing will just irritate the new wound, particularly in the case of industrial piercings where it might pull on the other piercing as well. If you notice a crust developing, get a cotton bud with a little saline solution and gently moisten before wiping away.

Again, piercings can be uncomfortable while theyíre healing but itís worth it in the long run. If you take out your piercing early then you risk seriously extending the healing time and if you change to a different piercing material or style then this could irritate your piercing and lead to complications. 

If you feel that your piercing is fully healed (you donít need to cleanse it, the skin surrounding the piercing is a normal colour and all swelling is gone) then you can always go to a piercer and ask them to change your body jewellery for the first time. This rule is also true if you fear you might be developing an infection. If you take the piercing out then this can lead to the possible infection being trapped inside the body so if youíre concerned about your piercing, always talk to a professional or your GP first.

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