Tongue Web Piercing

Jewellery:Curved Barbell
Healing:4-8 Weeks
A contemporary piercing, tongue webbing has only been available since the 90s thanks to improvements in technique and new demand for more outrageous piercings. 

Above: Tongue webbing piercing with a titanium curved barbell
The frenulum lies under the tongue and is the tissue that connects it to the mouth. This can be pierced but it is  important to do so with an experienced piercer who is familiar with this oral piercing as some people will be unable to get this piercing. The size of tongue webbing varies from person to person so the experience of a frenulum piercing can be incredibly different depending on how prominent yours is. 

Getting your tongue webbing pierced has all the issues prevalent with other piercings and its almost not usual for this piercing to eventually reject. The reason for this can change depending on person to person and some report a great deal of pain initially when they have their tongue webbing pierced so you must bear this in mind when thinking about achieving this particular body modification. 

Tongue Webbing Tips
  • Check with your piercer if your tongue webbing will comfortably allow for this piercing
  • This is an oral piercing so always keep in mind that anything in your mouth will interact with it and may extend the healing process.
  • Reportedly, this piercing heals quickly and can take as little as 3 weeks though wed suggest 4 8 as an average healing time
  • Cleanse with a saline solution and wash out your mouth with a PH neutral mouthwash when required
  • This piercing is more likely to naturally reject than other piercings, speak to your piercer if you have any issues/ discomfort


Tongue webbing is reportedly a simple piercing to do and heals quickly for an oral piercing. 

Between 4-8 weeks is a normal length of time for a frenulum piercing and aftercare is very similar to other oral piercings. Piercers advise no smoking or spicy foods immediately after piercing as everything that enters the mouth will interact with the body modification and may extend the healing time. 

You should cleanse your piercing twice a day and this can be done by rinsing your mouth out with a PH neutral mouthwash. You can also apply a saline solution directly to the piercing area to assist in healing.


BCRs and barbells are the appropriate body jewellery for this piercing and you should be given a larger size than needed initially as oral piercings swell initially. 

If this piercing becomes uncomfortable after the swelling has gone down then you can return to your piercer to have the jewellery changed. 

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