Everything You Need To Know About Glass Body Jewellery

Humans have been using glass body jewellery throughout centuries, right back to the ancient Egyptians, and glass piercings are still considered to be a very stylish way to show off your body modification. As a piercing material, glass can be created without any natural pores on the surface, leaving it perfectly smooth and unlikely to collect excess fluids. It is also bio-compatible and is very unlikely to react to the human body in any way, making it a good choice for those who suffer easily from allergies or irritation. 

Glass piercings are usually used for ear plugs and other jewellery for stretched ears. These can range from standard plugs that are fashion from certain kinds of glass to spirals and spikes that give an amazing impression. You can also get glass body jewellery for stretched septum piercings in the shape of bones, inspired by ancient traditional practises. 

One of the big problems with glass body jewellery is weight. Glass is a very heavy substance, particularly with larger piercings and this can put unnecessary tension on the area of the piercing. Sometimes this is the aim, with traditional glass piercing providers proudly showing their body modification having been stretched purely by the weight of their jewellery (their ear lobes in particular). In these cases however, the ear will be unable to heal afterwards and will only be correctable with surgery. It is also very advised that you don’t wear large glass jewellery for large periods of time as this may cause discomfort. Glass is not an appropriate piercing material for new or healing piercings.

Glass piercings should always be made with specialist materials such as lead free borosilicate and can come with a range of colours and designs. Certain coloured glass is not appropriate for piercing and must be covered in other glass to ensure that they don’t interact with the body. 

Glass Body Jewellery
  • Non porous and bio compatible so ideal for those who are usually sensitive to piercings
  • Used a lot for ear stretching jewellery 
  • Much heavier than other jewellery, particularly in large piercings
  • Not to be used for new or healing piercing
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