Dahlia Piercing

Location:Corners of Mouth
Healing:Around 12 Weeks
Age Limit:16 years old
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Are you looking for an eye-catching facial piercing that will set you apart? The Dahlia piercing could be a great choice for you! Read on to discover everything you need to know about Dahlia piercings
Above: Dahlia Piercing with Polished Titanium Labrets

Dahlia Piercing 101

This piercing is usually referred to as the Dahlia because of the facial mutilation of the infamous Black Dahlia murder. This type of lip piercing is still very rare so you can be sure it will attract admiring glances. 

A Dahlia piercing is also sometimes known as a joker piercing because of the comic book supervillain's well-known scars. and is one of the least common lip piercings you can get. Each corner of the mouth is pierced with a labret stud, as close to the corners as possible to create a lengthening effect. 


Dahlia piercings are quite complicated due to their precise location, so it is important that you go to an experienced piercer. If it is done too close to the corners of the lips the piercing may reject, migrate or even tear the mouth itself. Too far out and the piercing becomes a cheek piercing, which is a different kind of piercing altogether. 

In order to make sure the piercing is done in the correct position, your piercer will clean the area thoroughly and carefully mark the desired spots with a pen first. A sterilised, hollow needle is used for the piercings and labret jewellery is typically inserted. 

Naturally, this type of piercing takes a bit longer than a single lip piercing. The Dahlia piercing will usually be done with 14 or 16 gauge labrets. 


The level of pain can vary greatly from person to person. It is worth remembering that this piercing will take a bit longer due to the precision and the fact that it is a double piercing. You can also take comfort in the fact that the pain will gradually fade within a couple of weeks. 


Healing can take anywhere between 3-10 weeks. If the initial body jewellery irritates you after the swelling has gone down then you can return to your piercer for a change after 4-5 weeks. 

Dahlia piercings require careful consideration as the body jewellery will enter the outside of the mouth and exit inside. Each side of the piercing should be treated individually and you should bathe the outside of the piercings with a saline solution twice a day to reduce the risk of infection. 

The inside of your piercing also needs to be cleansed by rinsing your mouth with a saline solution or a PHP neutral mouthwash. Also, avoid drinking alcohol and eating spicy foods during the first few weeks. It's also a good idea to rinse your mouth with sea salt and water after every meal. 

Finally, change your bed sheets and pillow cases regularly and avoid using any cosmetics in the area.

If you start to feel irritation, tightness in your skin or pain then you should return to your piercer for advice.


Dahlia piercings are wicked for making a bold fashion statement and we have an awesome range of jewellery choices at Blue Banana. 

Labret studs are usually worn with this body modification, though some people enjoy wearing BCR’s. This would depend on how comfortable it feels for the individual. Browse our awesome range of jewellery and find your perfect Dahlia piercing bling!

Article Disclaimer: The information contained here within is based on our experience as one of the UK’s largest piercing chains. Please note that each individual’s experiences will be subjective and therefore each person will have a different experience of pain, healing and maintenance. For more information, please view our article guides terms and conditions page.

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