Bites Piercings

Location:Upper or Lower Lip
Jewellery:Labret, Circular Barbell, BCR or Segment Ring
Healing:2-4 Months
Age Limit:16 years old
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Getting "bites” involves two or more piercings around the mouth and lips to create an appealing effect. 

Above: Snake Bites Piercing

The Low Down on Bites Piercings

This trend has been taken up by young people and body modification enthusiasts, who enjoy the eye catching nature of lip piercings and wish to enhance the look. Because there are so many varieties of lip piercings such a labret, medusa and lip rings that can be placed in almost any location around the area, a whole range of bites piercings have been created. 

Popular types of bites piercings include:
  • Snake Bites: The most common form of bites, snake bites involve two lower lip piercings on either side of the mouth. The distance between these can vary dependent on the style desired. 
  • Venom Bites: This piercing requires two lip piercings close together, thus giving the impression of bite marks from a venomous snake. 
  • Angel Bites: Also known as a double Monroe, these types of piercing are similar to snake bites but are on the top lip. 
  • Canine Bites: Four lip piercings with two on the upper lip and two on the lower. Effectively, this type of piercing is simultaneous angel bites and snake bites. 
  • Spider Bites: Three lip piercings across the lower lip. Some say that the placement of these piercings must be left right and centre but this can sometimes vary depending on the piercer in question. 
  • Cyber Bites: Combination of a middle labret piercing and a medusa piercing so that the centre of both lips is pierced. 


Compared to other types of piercing procedures, bites piercings, as well as other piercings done around the lip, are relatively simple. The piercer will clearly mark the placement points of the jewellery on the lips; make sure you are completely happy with the positioning before continuing with the procedure! The area of skin around the piercing will be well sterilised before any equipment is involved. A hollow sterilised needle will be placed completely through the specific points. The jewellery is then placed around the lips. The piercer will then clean the area and deal with any side-effects such as possible bleeding. 


As with all pain ratings or ranking systems, it is different for any person as we all have different pain thresholds in different areas of our bodies. Snake bites are possibly more painful than a regular piercing as they pass completely through the lip, although everyone has a different piercing experience. You should consider how well you can deal with pain before agreeing to any form of piercing. If you do feel excessive pain before, or after, your procedure, it is vital that you visit a doctor or healthcare professional, to avoid any medical complications.


The healing time of bite piercings can vary between 2 – 4 months. Initially, the skin around the new piercing may bleed slightly, as well as showing some soreness or bruising. This is normal for any piercing, although if the symptoms get progressively worse, it is very important to seek medical attention.

There is no definitive way to speed up the healing process although there are steps you can take to ensure the fresh piercing remains clean and does not undergo too much pressure. Cleanliness should always be at the forefront of priorities, as you don’t want to develop any form of infection around your mouth. You should always use a saline water solution as well as a cotton ball to clean up any areas, especially after meals. It is also important to avoid using cosmetic products inside or outside the lips, as you don’t want to irritate the piercing.

In terms of keeping the snake bite piercing free of pressure, it is important to be mindful of the piercings while performing simple tasks such as eating, talking or brushing your teeth. While healing, it is important to leave the piercings alone and do not attempt to change the jewellery during the healing process. 


Bite piercings allow a huge variety of styles and designs to choose from. As well as allowing simple stud piercings in the lower lip, it is often popular to use rings or hoop styles around the lip for an alternative effect. We have compiled a selection of appropriate jewellery that could be worn with all kinds of bite piercings:
  • Labret: a simple bar style with a designed point, labrets are perfect for snake bites or angel bites, as they create the desired studded finish to the lips.
  • Circular Barbell: this barbell design is an incomplete ring that can sit around the lips without closing over into a full hoop. 
  • Segment Rings: a full-ring design with a detachable segment that helps with application. Can be worn in the lower lips on one side of the lip or in both snake bite piercings.
  • BCR’s: a ball closure ring that is also able to worn around the lip whether it be upper or lower.
All designs and styles come with a variety of shapes and colours so there are plenty of different designs to choose from and experiment with. However, your initial choice of piercing jewellery should always be discussed with and approved by you piercer, so the appropriate styles, sizes and gauge can be chosen for you.

Article Disclaimer: The information contained here within is based on our experience as one of the UK’s largest piercing chains. Please note that each individual’s experiences will be subjective and therefore each person will have a different experience of pain, healing and maintenance. For more information, please view our article guides terms and conditions page.

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