Bites Piercings

Location:Upper or Lower Lip
Jewellery:Labret, Circular Barbell, BCR or Segment Ring
Healing:6-8 Weeks
Getting "bites” involves two or more piercings around the mouth to create an appealing effect. 

Above: Snake Bites Piercing
This trend has been taken up by young people and body modification enthusiasts, who enjoy the eye catching nature of lip piercings and wish to enhance the look. Because there are so many varieties of lip piercings such a labret, medusa and lip rings that can be placed in almost any location around the area, a whole range of bites piercings have been created. 

Popular types of bites piercings include:
  • Snake Bites: The most common form of bites, snake bites involve two lower lip piercings on either side of the mouth. The distance between these can vary dependent on the style desired. 
  • Venom Bites: This piercing requires two lip piercings close together, thus giving the impression of bite marks from a venomous snake. 
  • Angel Bites: Also known as a double Monroe, these types of piercing are similar to snake bites but are on the top lip. 
  • Canine Bites: Four lip piercings with two on the upper lip and two on the lower. Effectively, this type of piercing is simultaneous angel bites and snake bites. 
  • Spider Bites: Three lip piercings across the lower lip. Some say that the placement of these piercings must be left right and centre but this can sometimes vary depending on the piercer in question. 
  • Cyber Bites: Combination of a middle labret piercing and a medusa piercing so that the centre of both lips is pierced. 


You can get bites piercings with multiple trips to a piercer or in one visit, depending on how eager you are to get your own stylish set of piercings. If you’re looking to get a bite piercing made up of more than two piercings however we would seriously recommend getting them one at a time to minimise the time and effort you’ll have to take with the healing process. 


Remember that lip piercings are both a body piercing and an oral piercing, requiring you to take care of both sides of the piercing individually. If you have three or four piercings all at once then this can increase your chances of developing problems and it is much easier and safer to deal with healing piercings individually. This may take longer overall but your piercings are less likely to develop issues this way. 

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