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Before and after piercing, choosing the right jewellery size is one of the most important aspects to consider. 

What Size Is Right For You?

Body piercing is as popular as ever and with good reason; it provides an opportunity to express yourself, and is comparatively cheap compared to tattoos. Piercings are available for practically any part of your body, and it is worth noting that different sizes of jewellery are better suited to different parts of the body so choosing the right jewellery size takes time.

When choosing the right jewellery size, it is important to know that body jewellery sizes are denoted by ‘gauges’, which run from 20 gauge all the way down to 00 gauge sizes. The lower the number, the thicker the jewellery will be. It is virtually impossible to use some of the largest sizes in certain parts of the body, while other areas benefit greatly from an appropriately sized piece of jewellery. The right size makes the piercing itself more attractive, and it will be difficult to find certain kinds of jewellery in more than one size. These are important things to factor in when choosing the right jewellery size.

By understanding the process, choosing the right jewellery size becomes much easier.  Ear piercings, while usually done in a smaller size, can be gradually widened until even a 00 size plug or ring fits into the hole. Most other sizes generally restrict themselves to small or medium sized gauges. By far the most common size used is a fourteen gauge. For example, a naval piercing is generally done with a fourteen gauge needle and nearly all naval rings are this size. Likewise, tongue piercings are most commonly done in the fourteen gauge size with jewellery being found to match.  During the piercing process you will be told what size has been used, making your life easier when choosing the right jewellery size and allowing you to choose the right product.

This process of choosing the right jewellery size extends to other piercings too. For example:
  • Nipple rings are usually fourteen gauge although a sixteen gauge is used on occasion. 
  • Labret and lip piercing is best suited to an eighteen, sixteen or fourteen gauge. The widest selection of lip jewellery is available in sixteen gauge however, so this is usually the best size for that type of piercing. 
  • Fourteen to eighteen gauge rings are good choices when getting an eyebrow piercing. 
  • Smaller sizes such as twenty or eighteen gauge are best for nose piercings, although septum piercings are more striking in appearance when a larger gauge ring is used.
Whatever type of piercing you decide on, it will help you greatly when choosing the right jewellery size to understand these general rules.

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