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Jewellery:Curved Barbell, Surface Bar or Staple Bar
Healing:6-16 Weeks, Depending on Location
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The new range of surface piercings is the latest alternative style for body piercings. A surface piercings is defined by a piercing that enters and exits the skin through two holes, often using a staple piercing or surface barbell to ensure that there is as little surface tension as possible.

Surface piercings can be placed on a huge range of places around the body, from cleavage piercings on the flat skin between the breasts through to wrist piercings, nape piercings and cheek piercings.

Surface Piercing Tips
  • 6 Ė 16 week healing time dependent on where the surface piercing is
  • Donít get a surface piercing in a place that you know will be easily irritated or knocked during the healing process. 
  • Ensure that you get the right sized body jewellery
  • Clean twice a day with a saline solution, wash your hands before touching your piercing
  • Navel and nipple piercings are also considered to be surface piercings


When planning for a surface piercing, ensure that you donít choose a place that is likely to be under stress. For example, if you use our hands a great deal and are very active every day then a wrist piercing might not be the best choice as the activity may extend the healing time and could, at worst, cause the piercing to migrate. 

An incredibly versatile style of piercing, the healing time can range from 6 to 16 weeks depending on where the piercing is and whether itís irritated.

Because these body piercings feature two separate holes, you should cleanse each one independently with a saline solution at least twice a day and take care not to move or knock the surface barbell in place. Itís also advised that you avoid swimming until the healing is complete.


In the case of surface piercings, getting the right sized staple piercing or surface barbell is incredibly important. All bodies are different and your piercer should take this into account. As placement can vary from body piercings to facial piercings, you should also ensure that your place of work or college is accepting of facial piercings. 

Surface piercings are still considered and extreme form of alternative piercings (with the exception of the navel piercing, which also utilises two holes but has been widely accepted) so ensure that you can keep yours without any issues.

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