A fake stretcher in an ear lobe piercing.

Finding The Right Fake Body Jewellery For You

The rise of fake body jewellery has followed the increased popularity of body jewellery and can be viewed as a practical way to temporarily enjoy an alternative look by some and with intense hostility by others. 

For those who are dedicated to body modifications, fake piercings can seem like an undeserved way to create an alternative look that doesnít require the initial pain and care that a real piercing requires. That said, there are many reasons why some choose to wear non piercing jewellery and they donít necessarily indicate a fear of getting the piercing itself:
  1. Working in a role that disallows piercings that would otherwise close over (i.e. a cartilage piercing such as the helix would close over very fast, limiting those who work in health care roles from ever obtaining them)
  2. Being underage and unable to get the piercing for real.
  3. Testing out the piercing to see whether the look suits you (in this case, we feel itís recommended to try out non piercing jewellery if youíre concerned about how a particular piercing will look on you)
  4. Wanting to try out a look that wonít permanently change your body or fear of the pain. 
  5. If you have had extreme problems with piercings healing in the past and want the look without the issue of your bodyís reactions. 
  6. Achieving a particular look temporarily (i.e. for a costume party)
Using fake body jewellery is often very simple and is available for a wide range of body modifications. The most well-known non piercing jewellery would be clip on earrings, often used by a wide range of women who havenít had their ears pierced. Many women choose not to pierce their ears, though the vast majority do, and there are metal clip on earrings as well as magnetic earrings that work as fake body jewellery for all occasions. There are several non piercing jewellery options for the ears, including fake ear cuffs to give the impression of helix rings. Some fake ear cuffs connect to real ear studs via a chain, giving someone with pierced ears a more exotic look without requiring body modification. 

Fake plugs for flesh holes have also become very popular as an alternative to stretching the ear lobes. Creating a healthy flesh hole requires a lot of time and a slow approach to ensure that you donít damage your lobes. Thereís also no guarantee that your lobes will return to normal after you stretch them, itís entirely down to the body of the individual, so this can be quite a decision to make about your body. Fake plugs allow you to see how you would look with stretched ears (aside from flesh tunnels, for obvious reasons) and fit in pierced ears. 

This is a great way to make a choice about what to do with your body as no body modification should be entered into lightly. When you try non piercing jewellery you may soon find that you grow attached to the look and want to have it permanently! Fake body jewellery is also available for the navel, requiring body glue to keep the jewels in place and giving a great look that doesnít require modification. The huge range of fake body jewellery represents how popular alternative body piercing has become and is a great choice for those who wish to experiment with their style, with or without the intention of getting a real piercing later.

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