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Many piercings can become vertical piercings if that’s what the person desires, though the most common example is a labret or ear piercing.

The first case of this piercing is said to have been by accident, where a young woman requested a labret piercing and the piercer accidentally created the vertical style. Whether this is true or not, the piercing was posted online and soon became imitated and popular, also known as an angel kiss piercing. This can be reflected with a vertical lowbret, which runs from the philtrum down to the top lip in a similar style. 

Other vertical piercings can be created to give a new spin on even the most traditional of facial or body piercings. Obviously not all piercings allow for a vertical variant, it would be impossible to create a vertical nostril piercing for example, and vertical piercing itself is a very new way of experimenting with what piercings are possible. Vertical piercings are a new form of body modification that continue to be extremely unique even as facial piercings become more every day.

Tips For Vertical Piercings
  • Because all vertical piercings require a barbell, the size and length of this body jewellery is incredibly important. If you find that the barbell is sinking into your skin and is no longer visible then you should return to your piercer to have it changed or removed. 
  • All vertical piercings create two separate holes, which will both need to be cared for as though they were a piercing in their own right. Cleanse both sides of each piercing where possible with a saline solution at least twice a day. In the case of oral vertical piercings you should rinse your mouth with an alcohol free mouthwash or saline solution after every meal. 
  • Do not twist the barbell as this will delay healing and never touch your piercing with dirty hands. 


Traditionally worn with a labret and using a single hole, a piercer can create a vertical piercing by simultaneously piercing the upper lip and threading a curved barbell through the two holes. This will create a beaded effect both where the labret piercing traditionally lies as well as on the top of the lower lip. 

A vertical earlobe piercing can be done multiple times on a single lobe and will result in a barbell being threaded vertically through the earlobe, visible at the base and top of the area. Many vertical piercings utilise this methodology, meaning that you can get a vertical tragus piercing as well as a vertical scaffolding. 

Proving that body modification is always developing and evolving, vertical piercings are still seen as experimental and it’s important that you choose a highly experienced piercer who is familiar with this kind of piercing, particularly if you wish to achieve a vertical tragus or scaffolding piercing. The vertical labret piercing is becoming more popular and can be performed by most piercers but you should always check that your piercer is familiar with what you’re asking for to ensure that your facial or body piercing looks its best.

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