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A spiral piercing is actually a series of two or more piercings in a line that feature a twisted barbell threaded through them. 
This is an attractive choice for those who have multiple piercings on the ear lobes, though it can also be used on the ear rim or the eyebrow. These holes should be evenly spaced as twisted barbells come with a set amount of give and a piercing being too far apart will cause discomfort during wear. 

Twisted barbells can also be threaded through multiple stretch holes in the lobes if they are an appropriate size and distance from one another. Twisted barbells can come in a range of styles and colours and often list how many twists they contain so how many piercing they can be threaded through. 

Tips For Spiral Jewellery

  • DO NOT attempt to thread spiral jewellery through piercings that are still healing, this will irritate them due to the twisted barbell being pulled by your other piercings.
  • If you’re concerned about discomfort, you can start by threading two piercings together or using plastic body jewellery to see how your body reacts.
  • If wearing a twisted barbell causes pain or a reaction then you should remove the piercing and speak to your piercer.
  • Be careful not to catch your jewellery on items such as clothes or hair, particularly if your spiral piercing has a spike or cone shaped end. Do not move the piercing any more than is needed and avoid touching the body jewellery where possible.


You should only attempt a spiral piercing once all the holes have healed as the body jewellery will be pulled in a number of different ways dependent on the number of piercings. 

If you choose to get a spiral piercing threaded through multiple helix piercings then you should take note whether this irritates the cartilage. If you notice any changes such as fluids or redness then it’s possible one of the piercings hasn’t fully healed and you should consult a piercer as to whether you should change back to separate body jewellery for each piercing again.


You can get plastic or metal versions of twisted barbells and plastic spiral body jewellery will be more flexible for your piercings. 

Wearing a spiral piercing is very much like scaffolding as it is a multiple piercing that demands attention. There’s a huge range of jewellery available for this body modification and being able to thread five piercings together is seen as quite the status symbol. 

This is also a great option for those with several piercings along the outer rim of the ear who don’t want to be bothered with multiple items of body jewellery. Attractive and a way to set yourself apart, a spiral piercing is an impressive statement to make with your body modification. 

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