Industrial Piercings

Healing:1 - 6 Months

Industrial Piercing 101

An industrial piercing involves two piercings, connected by a straight bar. These two piercings can be anywhere but it usually refers to two piercings along the cartilage of the upper ear rim. 

Also known as scaffolding, this is a very popular form of alternative piercing thanks to its stylish look and instantly noticeable appearance. You can wear coloured barbells to make these cartilage piercings stand out all the more and the exact placement of an industrial piercing can change from person to person. Two industrial piercings in the same ear are often referred to as a cage piercing and it is also possible to get a vertical scaffolding piercing down the ear as well as across. 


This piercing can be performed down to the shape of the ear as a personal choice. Unlike an orbital piercing, an industrial piercing is often done in one visit, meaning that both holes are pierced and the straight barbell inserted all at once. That said, it is possible to pierce the two holes separately and wear BCR’s until the piercings have healed enough to allow for more conventional body jewellery with scaffolding. 


Because an industrial piercing involves the piercing of the cartilage in two different places, the healing period can last anywhere between six months and a year. It is also considered to be more painful than other piercings and many can find it painful during the healing process as well. 

As with all piercings, wash both sides of each piercing with a saline solution using clean hands but scaffolding should be cleaned three to four times a day or whenever necessary. Using a cotton swab will allow for you to clean inside the rim thoroughly, thus preventing infection.  

Do not attempt to twist the bar as this will delay healing, particularly in the early stages. Remember that cartilage is similar to bone and will take considerably longer to heal so take care when changing or partaking in activities that may snag on your scaffolding. To avoid getting caught in the jewellery, particularly if you opt for two BCR’s initially, wearing long hair tied back may be a good option.


Because the shape of the ear can vary from person to person, it’s very important that your bar is exactly the right length for your scaffolding. You can change your body jewellery after the first few weeks, though your piercer should change the bar if you need something smaller or larger. 

If you find that your piercing is taken much longer to heal than is normal (six months to a year) then you can ask your piercer to insert plastic body jewellery instead, which is likely to be far easier on your cartilage piercings. 

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