Orbital Piercings

Location:Ear Rim
Jewellery:BCR, Circular or Curved Barbell
Healing:8-16 Weeks
Tempted by a stylish orbital piercing? This popular body mod consists of two perforations connected with one ring to create a look that's totally out of this world! Read on for all the facts about orbital piercings

Orbital Piercings 101

Orbital piercings are a popular choice among piercing enthusiasts due to there being a lot of flexibility in terms of location.

This is usually an ear cartilage piercing, and looks particularly cool on the hollow of the ear, but can be used anywhere. For example, they can be used on the outer rim of the ear, with navel piercings and even on the neck. 


Orbital piercings can be created by piercing the area twice at the same time or on separate occasions. If you already had one piercing that has healed, itís easy to add a secondary piercing to create the orbital look.

It will usually be pierced with a sterile hollow gauge needle that will be kept inside until the jewellery is inserted. Single jewellery is used at first to help the healing process and can be changed to one connecting piece of jewellery at a later stage. 

You can change your piercing after the first few weeks and you can ask your piercer to do it for you if you feel uncertain.  Donít rush into threading one item of jewellery between the two holes, it's best to wear two separate pieces first. 


Orbital piercings can be done in different locations so the level of pain can vary. For example, an orbital piercing that goes through the cartilage will probably hurt more than a lobe piercing. Also, pain is entirely subjective and varies from person to person.


The two piercings will heal better if you wear separate studs or rings in each, allowing you to eventually change to a single BCR or barbell once the initial healing stage has passed. 

An orbital piercing can range in how long it takes to heal dependent on where you choose to get it done. With regards to an ear cartilage piercing, healing can take between 8 Ė 16 weeks. 

Orbital piercings should be cleaned twice a day with a salt water solution, or more frequently if desired. When your piercing can be taken out then you can remove it and clean both the piercing and the jewellery itself. This will drastically reduce the chances of infection but if you notice anything strange or unusual fluids being secreted by the piercing then you should always return to the piercer for advice. 


BCRís are usually the body jewellery of choice but curved barbells and horseshoe rings can also be worn to great effect. 

Because orbital piercings require BCRís or other jewellery to be threaded through two separate holes, itís incredibly important that you get the correct sized jewellery. This adds to the necessity for separate jewellery during the initial stages as body modification is prone to swelling in the first weeks of healing. 

This unique body modification will get heads turning so have a look at our extensive range of orbital piercing jewellery and see which styles appeal to you!

Article Disclaimer: The information contained here within is based on our experience as one of the UKís largest piercing chains. Please note that each individualís experiences will be subjective and therefore each person will have a different experience of pain, healing and maintenance. For more information, please view our article guides terms and conditions page.

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