Hip Piercing

Location:Hip Bone
Jewellery:Curved Barbell & Staple Bars
Healing:Around 3 Months
Above: Hip piercing with coloured titanium surface bars

Hip Piercing 101

The hip piercing is one of the latest in the body piercing industry.  People are fascinated with the new and different and this offers something that many do not have.  

The look of a pierced hip is attention-getting and novel, while it can be easily hidden if required. The novelty factor could be the reason there has been a large increase in the amount of people who are interested in hip piercing over the last few years.

In general, hip piercing takes place in the pelvic area right above the protrusion of the pelvic bones. Technically, this is the lower abdomen. This location shows off the hip jewellery when a person wears low-rise jeans, cut-off tops or bathing suits. This sexy, eye-catching look adds to the allure of hip piercing for both women and men.


For some, hip piercing can be more painful than other types.  You should make absolutely sure that this procedure is something you really want to have done before going ahead. The procedure involved in surface piercing is very shallow and it lies just underneath the skin.  

irst of all the area of skin will be cleaned and disinfected then a sterile, unopened piercing kit will be opened and the entrance, exit and path of the puncture will be marked.  The surgical needle will be pushed through and then the chosen jewellery will be inserted into the hole.  

A professional piercer should then give you the correct aftercare tips.  This includes cleaning it carefully every day and keeping it away from irritation as much as possible.  This will be extremely difficult due to the location of your hip piercing, so you may wish to cover it during the day.


The hip piercing jewellery chosen is usually one of two types: a surface barbell or Tygon jewellery.  This is because these options fit under the skin relatively easily; as it is only a surface piercing there is more chance of rejection and larger items will only enhance this risk. 

The barbell is designed to fit underneath the skin relatively easily and the two ends help to keep it in place.  The modified shape causes less tension and pulling away of the skin.  Tygon jewellery is usually a straight, plastic tube with decorative ends.  The plastic nature allows it to move more easily with the skin, causing less tension and making it less likely that the hip piercing will be rejected.

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