Cleavage Piercing

Jewellery:Surface Bar
Healing:4-6 Weeks

What Is A Cleavage Piercing?

Many women now get a cleavage piercing as something different to the norm.  It is considered by many to be one of the sexiest types of piercing and it has become extremely popular in recent years.  It is placed in the middle of the chest, in between the cleavage, in a vertical position.  It has become fashionable among women and is thought of as quite sensual as it accentuates a womanís natural assets. Cleavage piercing has been slowly gaining in popularity with men as well.


Getting a sternum piercing should only takes a few minutes and the amount of pain associated with this procedure will vary depending on the person. Special care is needed to prevent infection and rejection after the procedure is complete. 

The pierced area should be cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis and most experts will advise people not to remove the jewellery for several weeks to allow sufficient time for healing. Also, try to avoid bumping the pierced area as this can cause rejection even in a fully healed cleavage piercing.

If not done properly, piercing of the sternum can present some problems, including infection and rejection. However, if it is done by a professional and cared for properly, a cleavage piercing will look great for years to come.

Like many new trends, cleavage piercing is one that is referred to as a surface piercing, in that it is held in by the same section of skin.  The rejection rate and chance of migration is much higher with these piercings compared to some of the other types. Keep in mind the fact that the bodyís immune system will automatically reject anything that doesnít seem like it belongs there. A personís skin will sometimes have the same negative reaction to body jewellery that it would have to a bee sting or a splinter; it wants to push it out. Taking the time to choose a professional studio that has a good knowledge of the procedure and which jewellery to use can diminish this risk. On the whole however, cleavage piercing is quite safe.


The surface bars used in cleavage piercing are usually made of titanium or stainless steel. They are similar in shape to a staple and they go into and out of the pierced area at a 90-degree angle. 

There isnít a great deal of choice when it comes to jewellery for a cleavage piercing, but barbells used can be changed for colourful or stylish designs, depending on your own personal tastes. 

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