Hand Piercings

Jewellery:Barbells & Dermal Anchors
Healing:6 - 9 Months

Above: Hand piercing with a jewelled stud

Hand Piercing 101

The latest trend of hand piercings is quickly growing into one of the most popular surface piercings available.  The most common form of hand piercings is a simple barbell through the skin, however there are several different types available, including:
  • Finger web piercings are in the web of skin between the thumb and index finger or between two fingers. Suggested jewellery includes a stud in each web with a chain looped from each one or just one web with a barbell.
  • Top of the finger piercings involve piercing the surface skin over the knuckle, usually the lower knuckle. A surface bar is suitable for this location or a small hoop or ring.
  • Finger mound piercings are on the top of a digit, but not on the knuckle.  They can be finished with a surface bar or barbell and looped together by a fine chain. Hoops and rings are fashionable, but only for those dedicated to cleanliness and carefulness.

However, by far the most popular hand piercings are on the top of the hand due to the many possible combinations and arrangements. They are usually finished with a simple stud to create the best impact.


Like most procedures of this kind, pain is minimal during the actual piercing but the aftercare can be painful due to hands being in constant motion and full of germs.  They are also susceptible to the rejection of jewellery too, which makes hand piercings one of the trickiest piercings to deal with.


In general, hand piercings take longer to heal because the hands are full of muscles, tendons and nerves which are stimulated with each movement, causing stress on the new piercing.  Before getting this procedure done, one must be ready for a regimented cleaning regime.  

The piercing should be thoroughly cleaned several times a day, using a saline solution.  Once you have washed the area, pat it dry instead of rubbing so that it remains as clean as possible. Your piercer may also suggest other methods, such as using tea tree oil or other solutions.  It is also important to avoid irritation to your hand piercings as much as possible.

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