Neck Piercing

Location:Back of Neck
Jewellery:Curved Barbell or Staple Bar
Healing:8-10 Weeks
Age Limit:18 years old (16 years old with parental consent)
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The neck piercing, though relatively uncommon, is quietly gaining momentum as the body modification of choice thanks to the revival of the vampire legend.

Above: Neck piercing with a polished titanium barbell
They are one of the many forms of surface piercing that are available right now and they are different from the norm because they pierce the skin in a more lateral direction or in the direction of the skin.  

The neck piercing is usually chosen as a way to give the visual representation of the vampire bite.  To fully gain this effect, they should be done on the side of the neck, although this presents some health risks.  

The base as well as the back of the neck is the most common site chosen due to the presence of sensitive blood vessels running along the sides of the neck that could cause a serious health risk if tampered with.  However, where a neck piercing is done depends solely on the individual.

People may find that their neck piercing migrates or is rejected from the body.  This is due to the body’s tendency to reject foreign objects; the standard piercing is allowed to stay longer inside the body because it resides so deep that the body often overlooks it altogether. However, the neck piercing sits so close to the surface of the skin that the body interprets it as an unwanted entity and the rejection process is automatically activated.  By getting your neck piercing done by a professional, you are reducing the likelihood of this happening.

For those that want alternative body modification, a neck piercing is a great choice.  They can be covered up quite easily, especially if you have one on the back of your neck, if this is required for work.  No matter what neck piercing you choose, remember that the correct aftercare will decrease the chance of it getting rejected.

If considering several neck piercings, it is best to get one done at a time to enable you to sleep comfortably.


In order to head off complications with your neck piercing, the correct body jewellery should be worn.  Barbells are the most common item of jewellery used in the neck as they fit and sit comfortably.  

Due to the amount of movement your piercing will undergo during daily tasks, items made out of strong plastic are recommended as they are more pliable but metal jewellery is an option.  By going to a licensed studio you are more likely to get a professional job and can be given advice on what is best to wear.

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