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The process of choosing the right piercing studio is a vital one, so check out our guide before taking the plunge!

Finding The Right Studio For You: Things To Consider

Body modification is a semi-permanent endeavour and takes a good deal of time for consideration. People spend months and months pondering and contemplating a tattoo and artist, but will get a piercing spur of the moment.  However, the same amount of time should be given to a piercing, especially who is going to do it and where you are going to go.  Therefore, choosing the right piercing studio should be a top priority.

When going through the process of choosing the right piercing studio, remember that it doesn’t have to happen straight away.  Instant gratification can turn into miserable regret if great care is not taken before making a decision. Piercings are seen as temporary, allowing people to rush into them.  However, there is money, time, pain and healing to worry about. It isn't good planning to walk into the first piercing studio that you come across and sit down in the chair; piercings take careful observation and inspection and choosing the right piercing studio will go a long way to making sure you have a good experience.

However, choosing the right piercing studio doesn’t stop when you’ve got the name of the place.  In fact, you should visit several before you decide on the right one for you.  Book appointments and ask to look around and be shown the process of what will happen on the day.  You should ask as many questions you need to feel comfortable, any good piercer should be happy to answer your queries.  Those that are capable of easing the minds of potential clients are the ones who are worth putting money into, making choosing the right piercing studio easier.

Other factors that may help when choosing the right piercing studio include looking at the piercers past work and taking advice from friends.  Good artists take pride in what they do; there should be pictures of artwork all around for reference. Take a look at the individual artist’s portfolio and see if it matches your style.  One of the greatest compliments to an artist is graduating into word of mouth referrals. When considering a piercing, get advice from friends and family.  Choosing the right piercing studio can be made much easier when recommended by friends.

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