Bindi Piercing

Jewellery:Curved Barbell or Surface Bar
Healing:4-6 Months
Find out more about the bindi piercing, perfect for anyone seeking an unusual facial piercing!

Above: Bindi piercing with a plasma gold jewelled ball
A bindi piercing is a variant on the bridge piercing, which is placed on the bridge of the nose. Rather than horizontal, this variant is vertical and can be placed wherever the anatomy allows. If there is not enough excess skin across the bridge then a bindi piercing can be placed higher and is so named because of its resemblance to the facial ornamentation of the same name. 


The healing time for a bindi piercing is 4-6 months and your piercer should check your anatomy for vein placement as this can result in some serious problems if any blood vessels are pierced or nicked. If your piercer states that you donít have enough loose tissue for this piercing then donít attempt to get this piercing anyway as it can bother the muscles and bones in your forehead if the piercing interacts with them too much. 


The bindi piercing is a facial piercing and should be pierced with a surface bar or a curved barbell. Some people want to wear BCRís with this body modification but this can put too much strain on one of the holes. These facial piercings, along with the fact that there isnít much excess skin in the area does mean that there is a risk of migration and rejection.

This can lead to permanent scarring so please bear this in mind if youíre interested in getting a bindi piercing. Another important element of a vertical bridge piercing is that it is imperative the body mod is straight. Itís not advised to try and do this purely by looking at the piercing area and itís not unusual for a piercer to draw a small grid to indicate the best placement for this piercing. An off-centre or wonky bindi piercing can be very noticeable as it will throw off the natural symmetry of the face. 

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