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At Blue Banana, we work to ensure that customers receive the best piercing experience. Part of this duty of care extends to adhering to certain laws and legislation put in place when it comes to piercings. Here is a rundown on the current state of rules in place at this time in England & Wales.

Piercing Legal Age Requirements

In England, there is no legal age of consent to have a body piercing procedure performed. Persons looking to have intimate piercings such as genital and nipple (for females) must be over 16. This is due to the fact that those under this age are unable to legally consent for piercings in such areas. Any intimate piercings performed on those under age is considered, by law, as indecent assault.

In Wales, current legislation dictates that those under the age of 18 in Wales are not permitted to have intimate piercings. This includes arrangements being made to perform an intimate piercing on someone who is under 18. In this ruling, ‘intimate’ piercings include areas of the body such as breasts, tongue and areas that include and surround the genitals.

Whilst there are not currently piercing age restrictions for areas other than the genitals in England; some local authorities have published recommended ages for various piercing procedures. However, it should be noted Blue Banana enforces its own age restrictions for every area of the body. Our restrictions align with legal requirements whilst adding our own policies. These restrictions have been put in place to increase customer protection and to ensure a safe and secure experience for all.

As such, our Blue Banana piercing restrictions state that you must be at least 21 years of age to have a genital piercing performed in our store. For nipple piercings, females must be at least 18 years of age whilst males can be 16 years of age. These age restrictions have been decided by Blue Banana based on our wealth of experience with piercing and determining user suitability for each type of piercing.

For a full break down of our piercing age restrictions, we recommend visiting our Piercing Age Restrictions page.

Violating the legislation of intimate age restrictions in England & Wales can have serious consequences which is why piercers, Blue Banana or otherwise, will always ask for age verification. Without age verification certain age-restricted piercings will not be performed. If you are planning on receiving an intimate piercing, please know that is it required that you provide identification to prove that you are of age.

Additional Piercing Legislation

There is also UK piercing laws regarding the process before and after a procedure. Beforehand, the piercer is required to ask if you have any allergies or health problems that could be affected, and will often give you a run-through of the whole process. It is also necessary under UK piercing laws for them to make sure you have all the aftercare advice you need to keep the area free of infection.

Article Disclaimer: The information contained here within is based on our experience as one of the UK’s largest piercing chains. Please note that each individual’s experiences will be subjective and therefore each person will have a different experience of pain, healing and maintenance. For more information, please view our article guides terms and conditions page.
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