UK Piercing Laws

As a company our stores have restrictions in the interest of customer safety, not UK law, these are our own age restrictions.

Age Restrictions

The UK piercing laws have been tightened in recent years in a move to offer more protection to customers.  A common myth regarding piercing is that there is an age limit but this is not true in most cases.  Anyone can have a piercing in most areas of the body as long as they consent to it.  While a council may issue recommendations, a studio does not need to enquire about age unless a certain request is made.  It is then that UK piercing laws need to be followed. 

Under UK piercing laws, there are restrictions on piercings in certain areas of the body.  Under the age of 21, girls are not allowed to get their nipples or genitals pierced, even when consenting, as this can be classed as indecent assault.  Boys under this age are allowed to get their nipples pierced but the same rule applies to genital piercing.  Any studio or professional who says they will do this procedure when you are under age should be avoided at all costs.  If caught breaking UK piercing laws, the individual or business can be prosecuted.

There are also UK piercing laws regarding the process before and after a procedure.  Beforehand, the piercer is required to ask if you have any allergies or health problems that could be affected, and will often give you a run-through of the whole process.  It is also necessary under UK piercing laws for them to make sure you have all the aftercare advice you need to keep the area free of infection.

Of course, there are consequences if UK piercing laws are broken.  If a girl or boy under the age of 21 is found in the act of having their genitals pierced, the piercer would be found at fault.  If the piercer is charged with a serious offence, it will most likely be indecent assault.  This could lead to a fine, prison sentence and even having to sign the sex offenders register.  Therefore, it is thoroughly recommended that both the piercer and the customer check that they are not breaking any UK piercing laws before commencing a procedure.

To comply with UK piercing laws, it is best to wait for several piercings until you reach the age of consent.  It is also best for piercers to check the age of all their customers before a procedure begins.  These measures will allow a customer to make sure they are sure of their piercing and the professional to safeguard their business. UK piercing laws are not difficult to follow, but it is wise to know them nonetheless.

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