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The licensing for piercing studios has requirements that need to be satisfied before permission is given.  This is part of a move to help customers identify which studios are reputable and which should be avoided.

Laws were enacted for the protection of the customer as tattoos and body piercing are mostly permanent in nature and constitute a significant decision on the part of the customer. Until lately the laws on licensing for piercing studios were ambiguous at best and left the customer confused.

When looking at licensing for piercing studios, rules and regulations need to be met.  The aim of these is to ensure that members of the public are kept out of harm’s way.  Several of these laws also determine what age a person may indulge in body piercing and tattoos. Those who are underage need consent from their parents or legal guardians for certain piercing procedures. Expressly prohibited is the circumcision of women as described in a prohibition enacted in the year 1985. 

There are some treatments, due to their nature, that enjoy some legal exemptions. These laws are followed by businesses who have obtained licensing for piercing studios.

Much of the licensing for piercing studios revolves around age.  A minor of any age may consent to body piercing. The only exception is that of genital piercing where children below 16 are not allowed legally to give their consent. Some areas have set criteria as to what age may have certain parts pierced. 

Aside from these exceptions, as long as a child consents without coercion, any part of the body may be pierced. On the other hand, regulations regarding tattoos are different. The person applying the tattoo is legally constrained from doing so on persons below 18 years of age. These artists are provided with guidelines when they apply for licensing for piercing studios.

Certain health concerns need to be satisfied before licensing for piercing studios is granted.  The artists or personnel of a piercing studio should make sure their working area is clean and free of infection.  Those who get licensing for piercing studios have been checked so their personnel know what instructions to give and what to advise in the event problems arise.

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