Black Titanium Circular Barbells

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Barbells have always been a popular insert for any piercing, and now with these black titanium circular barbells you’ll be able to show off your piercing with a new bold and very stylish look. 

Above: Septum piercing with a Black Circular Barbell
These barbells will fit any piercing in which you would wear any different type of circular barbell, meaning you can use them in any number of piercings that you fancy, so take a good look at our range.

It doesn’t matter which piercing you want to wear these black titanium circular barbells in, because they are sure to get the thumbs up from you thanks to their brilliant quality, design and style. So many people are feeling the benefits of titanium, with a massive surge in popularity in the metal because of its strength and resistance to regular wear and tear, as well as the lightweight and smooth feel of the metal.

Tonnes of people are feeling the advantage of the metal which is becoming increasing stylish every day. Black titanium circular barbells really started to take off during the 1990s, when the metal of titanium became really popular in its polished form as jewellery in the mainstream. Now, one of the most popular jewellery types in the modern world, it is just waiting for you to join the titanium club. 

As barbells themselves fit so many different piercings, there are only a few areas which will probably not suit a black titanium circular barbell, as these pieces of jewellery can be worn anywhere you would normally insert a barbell, so you don’t need to be concerned that a black titanium bar won’t fit where others do.

The concept behind black titanium circular barbells is quite simple: combine one of the most stylish colours around at the moment with one of the greatest jewellery metals of modern times and you’ve got a great accessory!

Note: This black titanium jewellery is made from titanium however it is coated with PVD teflon which gives it it's hypoallergenic properties. It's virtually impossible to be allergic to this material!

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