The spider bites piercing is still growing in popularity today, so if you’re considering getting it for your look we urge you to try out our spider bites barbells, you won’t regret it. With spider bites rings, labrets and barbells available for this piercing it is always going to be down to preference, only you can decide which looks and feels the best. 

Our circular spider bites barbells on offer have been designed with a range of strong materials to ensure your piercing is comfortable and stylish! To ensure complete sanitation, it is recommended you wash this type of piercing daily on the outside and inside of your mouth. 

It is a relatively new piercing to come to the industry, so if you want to be a part of the minority to get this done you know exactly what to do!


With a healing time of between 4 to 12 weeks, you won’t have to wait for very long to have a fully-fledged spider bites piercing.


Many people opt for spider bites barbells when it comes to their piercing because of how great they look and how easy they are to apply. BCRs on the other hand can be quite tricky to apply and can sometimes need pliers as well as help from another person, preferably a trained piercer. 

All you need to do for barbells is unscrew the ends, slot them into place and screw them back up again, it’s as simple as that!

All of our spider bites barbells have been chosen by our hawkeyed team of piercing experts who never seem to miss designs of the highest quality in the industry of today. We believe they’ve done us proud but what do you think?

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