The variety of spider bites rings in our collection offer a range of materials and sizes to suit your needs, there is bound to be something for you in this collection. The spider bites piercing is situated to the side of the lower lip, you have the choice between two separate studs or a ring for your look. We here at Blue Banana love this piercing and we want as many people to get on board, so hurry and get yours done!


Offering spider bites rings in a range of materials and colours, our collection is where you need to be if you’re planning on getting this piercing for your style. Many people choose rings for this type of piercing; this is because of the more complete style that they provide. With two accessories needed you’ll no longer have to narrow your selection down to one design, you can enjoy two different items for a unique look.

Are your hands starting to weigh you down because of the amount of rings you have on them? Well, you could always branch out onto other parts of your body, like spider bites rings on your face for instance. Can’t decide between spider bites studs or rings? Well they both have their perks and styles so make sure you think carefully about which one reflects yours the most. With seamless rings, segment rings and BCRs on offer, you can’t say we don’t offer variety!

All of the spider bites rings in our selection come in an array of colours and sizes to match your gauge. There will be a design for you in here somewhere, make sure to pick it up before it completely sells out! 

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