Many people choose spider bites studs for this type of piercing because of the unique look it brings to the piercing personality. With an array of labret studs making up our collection, you are guaranteed to find a colourful gem that you can’t take your eyes off. 

Make sure you pick it up there and then as other people may have their eyes on it as well and you don’t want to miss out!


The spider bites studs are more for people who want to take a simple and subtler approach to this piercing. With an array of different designs in numerous sizes on offer, there is bound to be something in our collection that you can make use of. Offering everything from standard labrets to lip studs in our range, our main aim here is to offer diverse and quality designs that you won’t find in other collections. We believe we’ve done that but what do you think?

One of the great things about the spider bites piercing is that you no longer have to narrow down spider bites studs to one item; you can enjoy two different designs in one piercing. The base of each stud is finished with a flat surface to ensure that it is secure once inserted and reduces the likelihood of permanent damage to your teeth. 

Damage to teeth is one of the main factors that puts people off  this type of piercing, but if your piercing is done correctly and looked after effectively you won’t need to worry about it.

All of the spider bites studs in our range have been chosen by our team of piercing experts who have dedicated their time to making our collection look as great as it is. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your favourite design before it sells out!

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