Above: Helix piercing with a coloured titanium BCR

Choosing Your Perfect Helix Ring

As helix rings are most sought-after, it would be silly to have just a handful of styles available. Just as well we have pumped this range full with a selection of funky colours and simplistic styles. Sitting just at the top of your ear, itís guaranteed to be on show most of the time so itís important to have your ear looking great no matter what.

Types Of Helix Rings To Select From

The best thing about helix rings is that they come in two different types; a circular barbell and BCR. With a ball closure ring you can be sure your jewellery will remain secure at all times as the ends are fastened together. Another point being BCRs are extremely comfortable to wear and wonít cause you problems.

With helix rings and BCRs being secure and comfortable, you have to think of the size too. This will also affect comfort and itís important you pick the right size to be able to enjoy your new jewellery. As well as this, ball closure rings are secured with a ball and fixed tight. If you prefer not having this form of fastening, we do stock seamless rings which are completely smooth and can only be opened by twisting the entrance slightly.

Getting The Helix Ring Which Is Right For You

If a large choice of helix rings is what you want, thatís what youíre going to get with Blue Banana. From the black titanium 1.2mm BCR to the Blue Banana steel 1.6mm segment ring, all of your options have been covered. For your new or existing piercing, a helix ring is all you need to make a big change.

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