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Welcome to the conch rings and BCR collection, where you’ll find a wide range of rings designed to fit your requirements. Although BCR’s aren’t commonly used for the conch piercing, they can still be added instead of a stud or a barbell. By using a ring instead of a bar, you can create a new style and keep your piercing looking fresh.

When it comes to conch rings, it’s important to know that they can catch on clothing which will irritate the piercing and cause pain so shouldn’t be used during the healing process. However, if you’re piercing has healed and you take good care of your conch piercing, a BCR or ring will provide your ear with a great look. Readily available in a large range of colours and materials, our BCR’s offer style on a new level.

Our conch rings are available in a ball closure and seamless, or segment, styles. Seamless rings are round in shape and offer a clean appearance as it they don’t have a ball fitted on the end used to screw or thread the piece of jewellery in. On the other hand, a BCR is fixed with a ball in the middle to keep it tight and secure at all times.

If it’s definitely conch rings you want to make a statement with your piercing then we suggest taking the time to view this massive collection. Stocking only the best polished titanium, gold and surgical steel ball closure and segment rings, Blue Banana has a selection you can’t afford to miss. Feed your piercing jewellery addiction with a conch ring today.

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