Our surface piercing bars can be used for a range of areas on the body; this gives you the chance to decide where your new favourite accessory will look best. When choosing where to apply your piercing to you mustn’t forget to take into account if your clothing will snag on it, save yourself some irritation. 

With a range of designs to choose from, rest assured your next item of body jewellery is in here somewhere, so make sure you browse!

One downside to general surface piercings is that your surface piercing bars are more likely to be rejected, which is why more people are opting for the microdermal piercing. A microdermal piercing, or microdermal implant, is a relatively new idea that involves an accessory implanted into an area of the body. 

Due to the fact that the accessory is implanted into the skin the rejection rate is extremely low, so if you’re planning on getting this done there’s one thing less for you to worry about.


Personalise your new surface piercing bars with some surface piercing accessories and enjoy all of the attention heading your way. With everything from wrist to hip piercings being classed as surface piercings, you can’t say there aren’t a variety of choices to choose from. 

The nape piercing is one of the most popular; it is located on the back of the neck and has managed to rapidly increase in popularity in today’s industry.

All of the surface piercing bars in our collection have been chosen by our team of piercing experts who know what designs people want to see. If you like what you see then why don’t you show us by picking up your favourite design for yourself!

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