Daith Heart Piercing

Location:Inner Ear
Jewellery:Heart Rings
Healing:6 months
Age Limit:16 years old (13 years old with parental consent)
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One of the most popular piercings we see today is the Daith Heart Piercing, and with an undeniably cute finish, it's hardly surprising that people are going mad for this jewellery!

Above: Daith piercing with a gold Daith Heart Ring.

High Quality Daith Heart Jewellery For All Budgets

The Daith is one of the most interesting places to have a cartilage piercing, and because of the placement, heart shaped jewellery is perfect for positioning! If you are looking for an individual piercing unlike any other, with an interesting piece of jewellery, then this is definitely the type you’ll want.

If you’re a fan of the Daith heart piercing, make it your own today by taking a quick peek at our Daith heart rings! Whatever colour or style you're looking for, you can put your own spin on this fashion trend with our range.

Customise your Daith Piercing With Our Daith Heart Jewellery

Available in black, silver or gold colours, our surgical steel Daith heart piercing jewellery not only looks great in your piercing, but you can rely on a high quality material to give you a comfortable wearing experience and reduce any risk of irritation.

Remember, not only can the trained piercers in all of our studios help you select and insert your new Daith heart piercing jewellery, but you can also browse the full range online from the comfort of your own sofa; so what are you waiting for? Check 'em out!

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