Spider Bites Piercing

Location:Lower Lip
Jewellery:Labret, Circular Barbell, BCR
Healing:6-10 Weeks
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Getting a Spider Bites piercing is a great twist on regular lip piercings, placing two labrets or rings close together to create a distinctive look. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Spider Bites piercings!

Spider Bites 101

The Spider Bites piercing is designed to supposedly imitate the mark that a spider bite would make on the skin, creating a bold body mod which enhances the appearance of your face.

This double lip piercing is a popular facial piercing for both men and women and creates an edgy look, perfect for people who love to stand out from the crowd.

As with all lip piercings, the Spider Bites piercing creates an individual look which will attract heaps of admiring glances. One of the most popular body modifications around, this awesome piercing can be decorated with loads of jewellery styles including labret studs, barbells and BCR's and is sure to give you a striking look.


Your piercer will clean the area thoroughly with an antibacterial solution and may ask you to use a mouthwash, before marking the desired piercing location with a surgical pen.

Once you and your piercer are happy with the marked location, a hollow, sterilised needle is used to pierce the skin. Your piercer will then insert the jewellery for you and you'll be ready to show off your awesome new body mod!

Larger labret studs are often used initially to allow for any swelling, but after your Spider Bites have healed you can always opt for some more adventurous jewellery.


The lips have more nerve endings than some other areas of the face, so the pain levels can be slightly higher. However, pain is entirely subjective and varies depending on your individual pain threshold.

It is also worth remembering that the procedure will be over really quickly and if you really love the look of this alternative Spider Bites piercing, it will all be worth it!

Also, the majority of piercers will recommend that you only have one lip piercing done at a time, allowing the first piercing to heal before having the second. 


Spider Bites piercings typically take between 6-10 weeks to heal, providing the correct aftercare advice is followed. To make your healing time as fast and smooth as possible, just follow these simple steps:
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol because they could irritate the piercing and cause inflammation
  • Avoid eating spicy foods
  • Do not play with the piercing and only touch it with clean hands
  • Do not go swimming because it increases your risk of infection
  • Brush your teeth with a soft bristled toothbrush and avoid mouthwash that contains alcohol
  • Use cotton balls/gauze pads with a salt water solution to soak your piercing twice a day during initial healing
  • Avoid using any cosmetics, oils and creams in this area
  • Do not remove or change the jewellery until your piercing has healed
It's completely normal to experience some swelling but if it persists or becomes severe, or you experience pain or discharge, see your piercer for an assessment. 


Once your Spider Bites piercing has healed, you can wear a range of body jewellery including labrets, barbells and BCR's.

We have a massive range of Spider Bites jewellery in various colours as well as a cool selection of add-ons, so you can add a unique eye-catching style to your jewellery.

Article Disclaimer: The information contained here within is based on our experience as one of the UK’s largest piercing chains. Please note that each individual’s experiences will be subjective and therefore each person will have a different experience of pain, healing and maintenance. For more information, please view our article guides terms and conditions page.

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