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Location:Upper Lip
Healing:5 - 10 Weeks
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A Monroe piercing is a great alternative piercing that is named after Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot due to its location on the upper lip. Thinking of making a statement with one of these unique lip piercings? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Monroe piercing

Above: Monroe piercing with a gold heart lip stud

Monroe Piercing Lowdown

A Monroe piercing is a lip piercing that is placed above the upper lip on the left hand side, to mirror Marylin Monroe's beauty spot. If the piercing is done on the right hand side, this is usually referred to as a Madonna as she has a beauty mark on the opposite side. 

This dainty piercing is usually chosen by women and looks incredibly beautiful, let's not forget that Marylin Monroe was a sex symbol! In fact, women used to draw beauty spots onto their upper lip just so they could look like their idol. 

However, men sometimes opt for this type of piercing as well and often choose a charm or spike to make their Monroe piercing look more masculine. 


Your piercer will generally give you a couple of spots to choose from and then mark the desired spot with a pen. Once you are happy with the location, you will sterilise your mouth by using a mouthwash before the piercer clamps and holds your upper lip in place, passing a hollow needle through your lip.

A Monroe piercing is usually done with an 18 or 16 gauge labret stud, but sometimes it's pierced with a barbell. The initial jewellery might be longer than the size you would like but a larger one is used to allow for any swelling. 

Typically, you will return to your piercer in a few weeks to have your jewellery changed to a smaller size. Your piercer should also talk to you about aftercare instructions which, if followed correctly, will help speed up the healing process. 


The procedure should only take a few minutes which most people find quite reassuring. The level of pain, as always, depends on your pain threshold and also sometimes upon the thickness of your upper lip. The lip can be a sensitive area due to nerves located in the area, but it varies from person to person and you can take comfort in the fact that this type of piercing is really quick! 


 Lip piercings usually take less time to heal because of the ‘friendly’ bacteria in your mouth but you have to be careful that your labret doesn’t irritate your teeth or gums.

For the healing process to be as quick and easy as possible, just follow these simple steps:
  • Clean your teeth three times a day to cut down on bacteria
  • Every time you eat, rinse your mouth with a sea salt and warm water mixture afterwards
  • Clean the outer part of your piercing with sea salt and warm water in the morning and before bed
  • Avoid playing with your piercing
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
  • Avoid swimming
  • Regularly check the threaded end of the jewellery for tightness
If you follow the rules above, your Monroe piercing should heal within 5 - 10 weeks.


This elegant piercing deserves pretty jewellery. Our labrets are sure to give your piercing the attention it deserves and we have lots of colours and styles available.

All our labrets are made of nonreactive materials and are comfortable to wear for hours on end. You can change up your style in an instant with our range of coloured labrets as well as out jewelled add-ons, which will really give you Monroe piercing a unique style. 

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