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People celebrate National Piercing Day on the 16th of May. Though it should be noted that this is not an "official” holiday and is not recognised by any country or state in an official capacity, this celebration of body modification has come about in exactly the same way other celebratory days have. Started online in 2007, lovers of piercings soon look to this event with relish as a great excuse to come together and celebrate their common interest. 

Above: Mixture of body piercings and body jewellery materials
Make National Piercing Day your favourite day of the year by marking May 16th as the day you get that awesome new body modification you’ve have your eye on for a while. 

You can make your own fun on this day, getting your friends together and doing a video about your love of piercings or you can all go en masse for a night of piercing celebrations and getting yourself some excellent new accessories. However you wish to spend National Piercing day, make sure you wear your body modifications loud and proud so everyone can see what an alternative style you have!

Whilst it’s not an officially recognised holiday, there are still many ways you can create your own piercing celebrations for National Piercing Day. 
  1. Support your favourite piercing store by getting a brand new piercing or some cool new body jewellery
  2. See if any piercing companies online or offline do any special deals relating to this piercing event. 
  3. Write about National Piercing Day and your love of piercings ANYWHERE! This can be a personal blog or write to your fave magazine and get the word out!
Blue Banana has been offering great alternative piercings since our first store opened in 1997 and we love any excuse to have piercing celebrations. We offer our own personal deals online for National Piercing day and these could be extended to our many stores around the country (though we often have piercing deals on so you can always get a great price regardless). 

We also use National Piercing day as an excuse to give as much information regarding our body modifications as possible through videos and articles. This means that you can discover the latest awesome piercings that are available through Blue Banana.
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