Piercing Glossary A-Z

Aftercare Allergic Reactions to Piercings Angel Bites Piercing Angel Bites Studs
Anti Eyebrow Piercing Anti Tragus Piercings Auricle Barbells Auricle Piercing
Auricle Rings    
Bindi Piercing Bites Piercings Black Titanium Accessories Black Titanium Ball Closure Rings
Black Titanium Barbells Black Titanium Circular Barbells Black Titanium Curved Barbells Black Titanium Labrets
Black Titanium Navel Bars Blue Banana Piercer Safety & Training Body Piercing Process Bridge Barbells
Bridge Piercing    
Cartilage Piercings Changing Body Jewellery Cheek Piercings Choosing a Piercing Studio
Choosing the Right Jewellery Cleavage Piercing Coloured Titanium Ball Closure Rings Coloured Titanium Barbells
Coloured Titanium Circular Barbells Coloured Titanium Curved Barbells Coloured Titanium Labrets Coloured Titanium Navel Bars
Conch Barbells Conch Piercings Conch Rings Corset Piercing
Cultural Piercings    
Dahlia Piercing Daith Barbells Daith Heart Piercing Daith Piercing
Daith Piercings & Migraines Daith Piercings For Migraines Daith Rings Dermal Anchor Tops
Dermal Anchors    
Ear Lobe Piercing Ear Piercings Ear Rings Ear Stretching
Ear Studs Eyebrow Bars Eyebrow Piercing Eyebrow Rings
Facial Piercings Fake Body Jewellery Female Genital Piercing Frowny Piercing
Gauge Getting Re-Pierced Glass Body Jewellery  
Hand Piercings Helix Barbells Helix Piercing Helix Rings
Hip Piercing Horizontal Piercings   
Industrial Barbells Industrial Piercing Inserting Your Body Jewellery  
Jestrum Piercing    
Keloid Scars    
Labret Piercings Licensing for Piercing Studios Lip Piercings  
Male Genital Piercings Medusa Piercing Medusa Studs Microdermal Piercing
Mistakes With Piercings Monroe Piercing Monroe Studs  
Nape Piercing National Piercing Day Navel (Belly Button) Piercings Navel Barbells
Navel Rings Neck Piercing Nipple Barbells Nipple Piercings
Nipple Rings Nose Piercings Nostril Barbells Nostril Piercings
Nostril Rings Nostril Studs   
Oral Piercing Aftercare Oral Piercings Orbital Piercings Orbital Rings
PA Piercing Jewellery Piercing Infections Piercing Migration Piercing Rejection
Piercing Trends Pinna Barbells Pinna Piercing Pinna Rings
Plasma Gold Accessories Plasma Gold Ball Closure Rings Plasma Gold Barbells Plasma Gold Circular Barbells
Plasma Gold Curved Barbells Plasma Gold Labrets Plasma Gold Navel Bars Polished Titanium Accessories
Polished Titanium Ball Closure Rings Polished Titanium Barbells Polished Titanium Circular Barbells Polished Titanium Curved Barbells
Polished Titanium Labrets Polished Titanium Navel Bars Prince Albert Jewellery Prince Albert Piercing Healing
Prince Albert Rings    
Questions To Ask    
Removing Body Jewellery Risks of Body Piercing Rook Barbells Rook Piercings
Rook Rings    
Scaffold Barbells Scaffold Piercing Septum Barbells Septum Piercing
Septum Rings Silicone Flesh Tunnels Smiley Piercing Snake Bite Piercing
Snake Bites Barbells Snake Bites Rings Snake Bites Studs Snug Barbells
Snug Piercing Snug Rings Spider Bites Barbells Spider Bites Piercing
Spider Bites Rings Spider Bites Studs Spiral Piercing Stretching Piercings
Studio Hygiene Surface Piercing Barbells Surface Piercings Surgical Steel Flesh Tubes
Surgical Steel Flesh Tunnels Surgical Steel Navel Bars Suspension  
Tea Tree Oil Tongue Barbells Tongue Piercings Tongue Splitting
Tongue Web Piercing Tragus Barbells Tragus Earrings Tragus Piercings
Tragus Studs Tubes & Eyelets   
UK Piercing Laws UV Piercing Uvula Piercing  
Venom Piercing Vertical Piercings   
Wrist Piercing    

Professional Piercing Information and Advice on Types of Piercings 

For years offering expert piercing information has been at the top of Blue Banana’s agenda. We want to give our customers the best advice and care tips possible, and that includes the numerous types of piercings that are available. After plying our trade on the high street for a while, we’re now moving online, allowing everyone to access our wealth of information. For some, this process is extremely familiar while for others it is something to approach with trepidation. No matter what your experience, we aim to provide the piercing information you need. 

There is a wealth of piercing information online but you can’t always be sure what to trust. That’s not the case with our glossary. All of the facts we provide have been written and checked by a team of experts, including our section on types of piercings, so that you can be sure you’re getting top quality advice. Since our birth, we have done thousands of piercings in our shops nationwide and we provide the right care tips to all of our customers. Now, we’re extending our network so that our quality piercing information can be accessed by all. 

Trustworthy Piercing Advice, Care Tips and In-Depth Piercing Glossary 

Our collection of piercing advice is designed to help you feel at ease, no matter how you feel about body modification. We only offer care tips that have been tried, tested and proven over decades, ensuring our customers have the best piercing experience possible. Within our glossary you will find a range of articles, from aftercare to the types of jewellery you can get, so that all your questions are answered. Whether you’re looking for the best information on what equipment is used or what the process actually is, you’re guaranteed to find what you are looking for. And if not, don’t panic because we’re constantly adding new articles so that you get the piercing care advice you need! 

Here at Blue Banana, piercing advice has been an important part of our business for years. After achieving success in our stores, we decided to launch our piercing glossary on line so that the information we have gained could be shared with everyone. The care of body jewellery is often forgotten once the pain is over but this is the most important part of getting pierced. Our professionals are the best in the business and know all the tips and tricks to keep you looking cool and fighting fit. They are also at the centre of the industry so we get the information on the latest trends, designs and styles before anyone else. For the best piercing glossary online, and all the care and advice you need, you’ve come to the right place. 

Every Type of Piercing Under One Roof 

However, we don’t just provide piercing information and a comprehensive glossary. We also stock a vast range of numerous types of piercings for you to choose from, including barbells, navel bars and labrets. No matter what you need or what part of the body it’s for, you are guaranteed to find it in our ever-growing collection. Best of all, we have a skilled customer service team on stand-by to give any advice you need and a lightning fast delivery service so that you will get your items in no time at all, no matter what type of piercing you choose. 

The Blue Banana website is designed for ease of use when browsing or ordering anything from our piercing information and glossary pages. However, if you have any questions about anything on our site, from advice through to types of piercings, or you wish to order by phone, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0) 1579 341907.