Wonderland Fashion

Down The Rabbit Hole: Wonderland Fashion

Fancy taking a trip through the looking glass into a world of wonderland fashion? Alice In Wonderland has inspired some pretty awesome Cosplays and fancy dress costumes both from the Walt Disney 1951 cartoon version and Tim Burton’s 2010 revamped version! Whether you fancy yourself as a Queen Of Hearts, Mad Hatter, The White Rabbit, […]

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Black Friday

Black Friday Bargains at Blue Banana!

At Blue Banana we don’t like waiting, so this year for the first time ever Black Friday begins early, with massive savings available from Monday 23rd November and lasting for one whole week! So don’t worry about rushing to the stores on Friday, just sit back, relax and browse our online catalogue for a fuss-free way […]

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Steampunk Subculture

Which Steampunk Subculture Will You Choose?

In a world where locomotives thrive, lays the fictional land of Steampunk. Throwing away modern needs, the Steampunk culture relies heavily on steam and spring power. Used to describe the ideals of the Victorian empire, the Steampunk trend regards the era of the industrial revolution in a fine light, dash my wig: the jewel of […]

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5 Reasons To Check Out The Asylum Steampunk Festival!

Reading & Leeds may be dominating the headlines this week, but there’s another festival taking place this weekend that’s worth just as much of your attention, and that’s the Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln! Asylum VII kicks off this Friday in the historic quarter of Lincoln and promises an entire weekend of amazing steampunk themed […]

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Laputa - Castle In The Sky - 10 Best Steampunk Movies

10 Of The Best Steampunk Movies Around

Steampunk movies can seem few and far between, especially to purists. But that’s no fun. And anyway, what’s a purist to a mash up genre? Here’s 10 films to scratch your steampunk itch. 1. The Prestige The Prestige was directed by Christopher Nolan, the guy that brought you The Dark Knight trilogy, Memento and Inception, […]

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