Your Piercing Questions Answered: Everything You Wanted To Know But Were Afraid To Ask

Despite the fact that a lot of us have many piercings, it can sometimes feel awkward asking questions about them – certain intimate ones in particular. In this post, we’re hoping to make your life just that little easier by compiling the answers to some of the most popular piercing questions that you were too […]

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Asymmetrical Ear Piercings: The Eclectic Style You'll Love!

Asymmetrical Ear Piercings: The Eclectic Style You’ll Love!

Ear piercings are awesome, that’s a fact. And there’s never been a better time than now to get them! With there being tons of different places to pierced on the ear (lobe, daith, tragus, helix…) and a huge range of different jewellery available (rings, studs, plugs…) there’s an incredible amount of looks available! And one […]

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Rhino Piercing

Unique Piercings: The Body Mods That’ll Help You Stand Out From the Crowd!

The world of piercings is a wide and diverse one – trust us. Though most people don’t go beyond an earlobe piercing or a nose stud, there really are an incredible amount of options out there! So we’ve collected together some of our favourite piercings that aren’t too commonly seen. These are the piercings that […]

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Constellation Piercings: What You Need To Know!

Ears, nose, lips, belly button… It seems like anywhere that can be pierced has been pierced by now! But that doesn’t mean there can’t be new trends in piercings. Just take a look at constellation piercings – an awesome new trend that’s taking the Internet by storm. What are constellation piercings, we hear you ask? […]

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Ear Stretching

Ear Stretching 101: Our Guide to Safely Stretching Your Ears

In recent years, ear stretching has become one of the most wanted body modifications around but it has existed for a lot longer than you might realise! The ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamen was one of the earliest people recorded to have stretched ear lobes and ancient tribes have been using this popular body mod to […]

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