Ear Stretching

Ear Stretching 101: Our Guide to Safely Stretching Your Ears

In recent years, ear stretching has become one of the most wanted body modifications around but it has existed for a lot longer than you might realise! The ancient Egyptian King Tutankhamen was one of the earliest people recorded to have stretched ear lobes and ancient tribes have been using this popular body mod to […]

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how to convince your parents to let you get pierced

How To Convince Your Parents To Let You Get Pierced

Piercings are cool – and we’re not just saying that because we’re one of the biggest piercers in the UK! Body piercings make you stand out, allow you to express yourself and can provide many benefits, including boosting body confidence. There are plenty of great reasons to get a piercing. However, there’s often one big […]

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How To Care For Your New Piercing

Here at Blue Banana, we’re pretty proud of our status as the largest body piercers in Europe, so it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about piercings and aftercare! Whether you’re debating your next piercing or you’ve just added another to your collection, here’s a one stop, all questions answered guide that’ll […]

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How To Clean A Piercing

So, you’ve just left a Blue Banana store with a brand new piercing. Pretty awesome, right? But what happens next? Well, a lot does, and maintaining a cool looking piercing, wherever it is on your body, requires a lot of care and attention if you want it to stay looking great. Cleaning piercings is an […]

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