Horror Clips

Get Spooked with the Scariest Viral Vids on the ‘Net!

Contrary to popular belief, the scariest place to be on Halloween night is not with the dressed up devils and trick or treat ghouls outside… Check out this list of real fright night terrors which can be found right here, on your very own computer… Whether it’s viral videos that leave you afraid to close […]

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Halloween Movie Night

10 Must See Alternative Halloween Movies!

Partying and dressing up not your thing? Planning on spending the night at home this Halloween, working your way through a stash of the same old spooky films? If you’re tired of watching the same old movies year in year out and want to try something a little different this Halloween, you’ll love this! We’ve got […]

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How To: Throw An Awesome Halloween Party!

With Halloween just around the corner, some of you might be feeling a little bit sad that you are finally ‘too old’ for trick or treating… but fear not! You can still have heaps of frightful fun this year by throwing your very own Halloween party! Whether you’re a seasoned party planner or you’ve never organised […]

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Straight outta salem

Halloween Costumes The Low Down

It’s the final countdown to fright night and so, before the pumpkin drops for All Hallows Eve, make sure you are ready with your spooktastic fancy dress! We know that school/work/life can get in the way of the all important costume decision making and many of you will still be debating what’ll win you best […]

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Get The Woochie Look This Halloween

Calling all the blood and gore types! Your fascination for the red warm stuff can now be applied all over your face-pain free we may add-thanks to wonderful world of Woochie. Leader in professional prosthetics, Woochie has been top ranking in the field for two long decades. The dude that gave your parents nightmares, Maurice […]

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