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New Osiris Shoes Additions

High quality Osiris shoes, often misspelled Osrus and Osris, are the absolute must have shoe addition you can get this year. We here at Blue Banana are especially excited to announce the extension of our current Osiris shoes range to include even more stunning designs, vibrant styles and technological footwear innovations.  Founded in 1996 by the legendary Tony Chen, Brian Reid, Doug Weston, Laura Kim and Tony Magnusson, the Osiris footwear brand was originally created to fill a significant void in the skateboarding industry. However thanks to their original and unique designs, durable and hardwearing materials and awesome high performance specifications Osiris shoes have fast become an iconic brand for a whole host of scenes, from Gothic to Emo. So whether it’s a pair of Osiris Uptown LTD boots to complete that true alternative look or even a pair of Osiris Volley Royalty shoes for some retro style beach fun, we’re positive we’ll have exactly what you’re looking for.

Over the years, Osiris shoes have played hard and have fought ferociously to retain their core company mantras: Quality, Style and Performance.  Best known for their revolutionary Osiris D3 shoes created by the infamous Dave Mayhew and their Osiris Serve sneakers, Osiris shoes are as functional, versatile and ultra comfortable as they’ve always been. Packed full of cutting edge technological features such as their trademark open vamp construction for improved flex or even their sleek mesh panels and EVA soles, it’s not hard to see why this superb footwear is such a popular addition to the pro designed and endorsed footwear industry. And now thanks to our team of shoe fashion experts and clothing specialists we’ve got everything from hi tops such as Osiris Bronx style trainers through to neon sensations such as Osiris NYC 83 South Bronx Hi Top sneakers.

Best of all, we offer lightning fast delivery, secure shipping and an online encrypted payment system on all our Osiris shoes range. So if you want extra peace of mind whilst purchasing and browsing an Osiris shoe wear range, you’ve come to the right place. Coupled with this, we offer a competitive refunds and exchange policy on all our women’s and Osiris men’s shoes, making finding the pair that’s perfect for you even easier.  So what are you waiting for? With low prices, unbeatable value and one of the largest ranges of Osiris shoes in the UK, you’d have to have a serious reason to miss out on buying one of the biggest footwear additions this year. So why not browse our collection today, with new additions such as our Osiris Troma Two Boombox shoes and our personal favourites Osiris Bronx Twilight sneakers, we’ll have everything for any occasion or event imaginable.

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