Mens Varsity Jacket Range

With a number of new trends popping up this year, Blue Banana like to keep on top of things and get ahead so our mens varsity style jacket range is perfect for all fashion conscious people. Make sure you’re head to toe in style, even if you’re just walking down the street we guarantee you will be the main eye candy to make people stop and stare. With a range like no other, our varsity style jackets are second to none, giving you the chance to broaden your fashion status and gain extra street cred. Inspired by 50’s American college, these jackets create an authentic and retro look that will make you the envy of your friends. Determined to bring back the good old college fashion, Criminal Damage have done this style justice so be sure to browse through our mens varsity jacket range as soon as possible.

Criminal Damage Varsity Jackets

With winter right around the corner, get ready for unpredictable weather conditions this year and take a look through our mens varsity jacket range. From bold and bright to understated and subtle, Criminal Damage has everything to fulfil each individual persons needs here. Sticking to the original design, these jackets have stuck to their original style, making sure they’re accurate to help you create the perfect retro style. Whether you’re walking across the beach on a chilly summer evening or you need one for the cold season, you can be sure to find many more styles under our mens coats and jackets range. As if this wasn’t enough, you will be pleased to learn that every item has been worn, tried and tested by our team of quality control experts to prove durability, strength and longevity. So without delay, look at the fantastic Criminal Damage jock jacket today for 50’s inspiration found in our mens varsity jacket range.

Here at Blue Banana we believe that diversity is better, so our mens varsity jacket collection has the items to give you that unique look. Whatever you wear them with, our Criminal Damage coats and jackets will give you that ultimate look no matter what. Featuring CD logos on the breast, contrasting arm and body colours and two pockets, you won’t find branded outerwear like ours anywhere else online. With varsity style taking off this year, you can find products in most highstreet stores but we can guarantee we have the best items around. Crafted from the highest quality materials, you can be sure our jackets are durable, comfortable and incredibly easy to maintain. For a subtle and understated look, check out the Criminal Damage Anchor jacket guaranteed to give you that personal style no matter your current trend. So take a look through our mens varsity jacket range today and grab yourself a winter addition.

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