Manic Panic Hair Unleashed

Welcome to the new and exciting manic panic hair range available from Blue Banana now. In a whole spectrum of different colours, you’ll be able to choose the right one to suit your personality. A must have for any colourful soul, our Manic Panic hair dye collection can help express your individualism and set you away from the normal crowd of people. If you’re after a brand new look and hairstyle then Blue Banana is the place to be, making sure you get nothing but the highest quality. Whether you’re attending a fancy dress party or felt like a change then our manic panic dye can help you achieve the look you’ve been aiming for. With midnight blue manic panic colour cream to red, pink to electric lizard manic panic colour cream, this fantastic top branded dye can bring your hair to life and turn heads at all costs. If you’re looking for that all important colour makeover then we suggest checking out our awesome manic panic hair range without hesitation.

New Manic Panic Dye Range

A new addition to our alternative store, the manic panic hair range is set to take off in no time. Providing you individual style icons a colour to die for, our semi-permanent manic panic dye can last up to six weeks in your hair, giving you a long-lasting effect for your money. If you’re after a colour for that wild night out try our hot hot pink manic panic colour cream or even our electric banana manic panic colour cream today. With so many diverse colours on display you can create a whole range of different styles. If you’re bored of your plain locks and fancy something new, the smallest change can make the biggest difference. To get the ‘wow’ factor we advise you to try our vibrant dye without delay. As if this wasn’t enough, these products have been extensively worn, tried and tested to assure you they are 100% safe and easy to use on your hair. Whether you’re off to a themed party or Halloween is around the corner grab a tub of vampire red manic panic colour cream and get trick-or-treating. What are you waiting for? Check out our amazing manic panic hair range today.

Perfect for everyone, our manic panic hair collection is one to take a look at. From one of the most well known brands in the cosmetics industry, the manic panic dye is completely trusted and provides your hair with a vibrant appearance. If you don’t want to colour your whole head in dye, you can just do streaks instead and give your hair a tinge. Made for both men and women we’ve been sure to cover all areas, from atomic turquoise manic panic colour cream to cotton candy manic panic colour cream. Best of all, each item here at Blue Banana comes with their very own terms and conditions so you have that added peace of mind when you purchase any product from us. What’s more is that each hair dye comes in a large tub with easy to follow instructions and resealable lid so you can keep using it whenever you like. It’s not just vibrant colours we have to offer either, we also supply a virgin snow colour manic panic hair toner to cover bleached or lightened hair, perfect for whatever scene you’re in. Coupled with affordable prices, reliable delivery and a safe payment system you can trust in Blue Banana to present you with manic panic hair products that will keep shining bright for years to come.

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