Iconic Dr Martens Footwear

If you want hardwearing style Dr Martens shoes and unique boots are always ready to go! This fashionable footwear hasn’t waned in popularity in over fifty years and their decades of experience have resulted in one of the boldest and most iconic pieces of footwear around. A huge hit with punk followers, these Dr Martens boots have a seriously cool lace up style, unique yellow stitching and thick rubber grips that mean you can wear your pair hanging out with your friends or doing something extreme! And our range of 8 hole, 10 hole and 14 hole boots at Blue Banana for both men and women mean that you can get yourself an instantly eye catching style that’s ideal for wearing  with your favourite pair of skinny jeans. You can be sure Dr Martens shoes will survive whatever you throw at them and can keep up with any alternative lifestyle so get your own and get out there!

Incomparable Quality with Doc Marten

Whether you wear Dr Martens shoes to announce your extreme alternative style or you just want some boots that will stick with you till doomsday, our range comes in a whole spectrum of awesome colours. From metallic purple, glossy red Dr Martens patent 8 hole boots and classic Dr Martens 10 hole black boot, these each boot announces themselves loud and clear and give you an unforgettable style. With their world famous AirWair design, this footwear company offers products in an incredibly hardwearing design and comfort that you won’t find anywhere else. Break the Dr Martens shoes into your personal collection for a style with edge.

Lace Up Boots With Style

As Dr Martens shoes are one of the few brands you can recognise instantly, they are the perfect addition to any style, which is probably why they’ve won fashion awards for their stylish design. Get yourself a pair of and your other pairs of shoes may be soon forgotten thanks to Doc Martens unique AirWair design, giving you air padded soles that keep your feet comfortable. Their rubber soles also give the Dr Martens 8 hole boot unparalled grip, making them perfect to wear on days out and to festivals. And with the DM FOR LIFE guarantee, it’s plain to see the Dr Martens shimmer design metallic boots will be a staple part of your wardrobe for years to come, making them excellent value for money. Few designers and providers get the perfect blend between style and practicality but when you purchase your own Dr Martens shoes, you’ll be amazed by how great they look and how far you can push them.

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