How To Survive A Music Festival

Festival season is here! And we’re stoked, but we know music festivals can be daunting, so we’ve put together this; the ultimate music festival survival guide.

We’ve come up with a list of festival survival hints, tips for festival camping and a few things to remember when it comes to seeing everything you wanna see.

First of all, here’s our top tips.

15 Essential Festival Survival Tips!How to survive a music festival, top tips

1. Pack Light

It’s tempting to bring something for every situation, but remember, you’re going to be carrying it all through mud, up hills, and across fields.

You can leave the kitchen sink behind.

2.Trolleys? Its A Trap!

We’ve all been envious of those people with a trolley full of camping gear, food and beer. But that only lasts as long as the tarmac. Wrestling a heavy trolley through mud is not a great way to start and end your weekend.

3. Bring Bin Bags

So. Many. Uses.

Need an emergency patch for your tent? Somewhere to store wet clothes and muddy wellies? Something to sit on when the ground is wet? Something to put your rubbish in?

Bin bags are there for you when the chips are down. Don’t forget them.

4. Decant Your Booze

Most festivals won’t let you bring in any glass. And why would you want to? It’s heavy, it’s breaks, and it leaves a right mess.

Either pour your alcohol into plastic bottles before you leave home or buy cans of lager and cider.

5. Wellies & Comfy Shoes Are The Footwear For You

Wellies are great if it rains and the site becomes one huge mud bath. But even if it doesn’t you still need practical footwear. You’re going to be on your feet for like 14 hours straight, make sure you’re wearing something comfortable.

If you’re wondering how to survive a music festival, the right footwear is a pretty good place to start.

6. Always Remember The Loo Roll

Always have some loo roll handy. Festival toilets are gross at the best of times; the experience only gets worse when you realise there’s nothing to wipe with.

7. Scope Out The Food Trucks

There’s not much worse than paying a fiver for a bag of sad, cardboard tasting chips, then turning a corner and finding a rad vegan falafel stand selling delicious grub for half the price. Lunch time ruined. Do your research!

8. Pack A Decent (Inexpensive) Sleeping Bag & Roll Mat

So you want to travel light? Your sleeping stuff is not the place to save weight. When you’re only getting a few hours of booze fueled sleep you’d better make sure they’re good ones.

9. Leave Your Valuables At Home

Bring a cheap pay as you go phone (yep, a burner) so you can get hold of your friends, and leave watches, jewellery, credit cards, all that stuff, at home. Not in the tent. That’s how you get stuff stolen.

10. Eat Ya Damn Vegetables


Chips are great at 2 am when you’re wasted, but eat nothing but them for 4 days and you’re going to feel like your insides are giving up on you.

No one wants to come home with scurvy. Make an effort to eat some fruit and veg. Even if it’s tinned.

Speaking of which…

11. Bring A Spoon, Fork & A Tin Opener

Depending on which festival you’re at you may try and save a few quid by buying a couple of tins of beans for breakfast and the like. You would not believe how many people do this and have nothing to eat them with.

Oh, and why the tin opener you ask? If you’re saving money by buying tins there’s no way you’re splashing out on ring pulls.

12. Pack-A-Mac

It rains in Britain. A lot. And especially when you’re gonna be spending a bunch of time outdoors. Always bring a coat or even a poncho, it will always be for you when you need it most.

13. Don’t Forget Your Wet Wipes

Sometimes you’ve gotta treat yourself. Plus, Hygiene.

14. Bum Bags?

Yeah yeah, bum bags aren’t cool. Tell that to the euro punx, and Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

Sometimes practicality is okay and besides, you’ve got an excuse; it’s a festival, you can wear whatever. Just something to think about.

15. Clean Socks Are Your Best Friend

Clean socks, the savior of many men and women. Pack more than you think you need, and do the same with underwear.

Anyone who has done any kind of touring or travelling will know that there is nothing like a fresh pair of socks.

Even if you can’t wash for 4 days, a fresh pair of socks will give you that fresh morning feeling. Trust us, we’ve been there. A lot.


Don’t Miss Anything. How To Last The Dayfestival survival guide

Prior Planning

Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Plan your day out in the morning, check what time you need to leave one band to see the next. Maybe even find a spare half hour for a rest.

Clashes Happen

When you are planning, don’t beat yourself up about clashes. If you’ve gone to a festival where lots of bands you like are playing, chances are some of them are going to be on at the same time.

Either watch a bit of both or just catch one of them next time. Don’t get all stressed about it.

Make Some Time For The Other Entertainment

Most festivals have loads of other things on offer as well as bands, spend a few minutes looking into the other attractions they have on offer.

Download Festival for example do a great job of booking other stuff that’s actually worth doing. We can’t wait to watch Progress Wrestling this year.

Drink Water!

Watching bands from midday to 12 / 1 am is a long flippin’ day. You’ve gotta stay hydrated mang.


Festival Camping GuideFestival Camping Guide

Choose Your Pitch Wisely

Being close to the toilets might seem like a convenience, but its gonna get stinky on day 3 when the warm morning sun is beating down on the piss soaked mud. And camp away from club tents if you want a good nights sleep, especially if you’re not getting boozey.

Make Yourselves A Courtyard.

If you’re camping with friends and multiple tents then take a moment to orientate your tents.
Set them up so that your tents for a circle, with the doors facing the middle.

It’ll give you somewhere to sit in the sun if you fancy a rest. And you’ll be able to catch up with your friends without even getting out of bed – just sleeping bag slug your way to the door and stick your head outside.

Make Your Bed Before Anything Else!

Well, before anything else but setting up the tent. Do that first.

It’ll only take 5 minutes to roll out your matt, stick your sleeping bag and pillow on top of it, and check for any uncomfortable lumps and bumps. It’ll feel like a lot longer if you leave it till you’re going to bed though. You’ll be tired, maybe a little drunk. And it will be dark. Not ideal conditions.

Keep It Clean

For the most part, the camping area is gonna be a tip. There’s no avoiding it.

You can however cut down the amount of crap outside your tent. You don’t wanna be stumbling into half full beer cans first thing in the morning. They always find a way of emptying themselves directly into your shoes.

It’s well worth checking out the NHS’s music festival survival guide as well, they’ve got a ton of important medical information on tap, check it out.

There it is, our ultimate festival survival guide. Think we’ve forgotten something? Get in touch!

Check out our festival store for all your music festival needs. 

Oh and remember.

Have fun, okay?

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