Dresses With Pockets: From Summer To Formal Wear

Girls are generally united over the ultimate clothing annoyance. Let me hear you ladies cry out for dresses with pockets! Why is it girls have to put up with teeny tiny pockets that no human can fit anything into. Sometimes we don’t even get pockets at all. Where are we supposed to put all our stuff? Finally, what about those super annoying clothing items that are made to look like they have pockets or have sewn up pockets?

Have we hit the nail on the head for your pocket frustrations? Then it is time to get excited for our range of dresses with pockets! Let out those squeals of excitement and read on for dresses that not only have pockets but can be worn for many different occasions. Want formal wear that will fit your phone? Need a summer dress with pockets so that you can freely walk on the beach without holding on to your car keys? Then we have got your back.


A Brief History of Women’s Pockets

In historical times when women were dainty little creatures they simply did not need to carry anything. Women just had to worry about carrying makeup and handkerchiefs so we started using little handbags to hold essentials. While handbags are still incredibly useful for holding everything you need and more (hands up if you have a Mary Poppins bag), sometimes you just don’t want to carry one around.

Ladies started wearing clothing with pockets during World War 2. Women suddenly needed to wear practical clothes for work. This meant predominantly wearing trousers and voila, we suddenly had pockets. After the war women wanted to re-discover their feminine shapes and therefore clothes became slimmer and so did pockets. On most ladies clothing they disappeared altogether.

Fast-forward to now and we all know modern day gals are busy people so need pockets to save them faffing around in a handbag. Right this way to find your perfect dress with pockets from casual dresses with pockets to long dresses with pockets.


Cheap Dresses With Pockets

We know that you are going to want to keep your own unique style of fashion so we have got this fabulous little number just for you. The Rockabella Carmen Dress snugly fits the torso and flares at the skirt to conceal those all-important pockets. Dresses with pockets don’t come much more stylish than this if you are into quirky styles, featuring a sugar skull print that is sure to look sassy and cool.

The Banned Retro Adventure 60s Dress features large visible pockets that are plenty big enough to hold lots of goodies. If you are looking for dresses with pockets and sleeves then you will get the full ensemble with this beauty. This vintage 60s style marks the start of an instantly recognisable smart style.

Banned Retro Adventure 60s Dress, Dresses With Pockets

If you want to look pretty in pink then you are going to love this Voodoo Vixen Kitty Plus Size Dress. Look no further for dresses with pockets plus size style. The visible pockets on the front of this dress add to the general décor and styling with a cute belt and triple keyhole cut out front. Feel like a princess without needing a Prince to hold your phone.

Voodoo Vixen Kitty Plus Size Dress, Dresses With Pockets

Dress up for a glamorous evening or smart day at the office with the Voodoo Vixen Marjorie Dress. This stylish red dress makes for the perfect long dress with pockets. There is surely no better option if you want a multipurpose dress that falls under both work dresses with pockets and formal dresses with pockets categories.

Voodoo Vixen Marjorie Dress, Dresses With Pockets

Have you been searching high and low for a summer dress with pockets? Then you are going to find it pretty hard to resist this adorable Hell Bunny Somerset Dress. With a delicious apple blossom print you are sure to epitomise summer and sunshine. It is simply perfect for sunbathing in vintage glory on the beach or wearing out and about. We have no doubt you will receive compliments in this gorgeous frock. With hidden pockets in the skirt your items won’t cramp your style. It doesn’t end here; we have a huge range of summer dresses with pockets so you can select your favourite style.

Hell Bunny Somerset Dress, Dresses With Pockets

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When you purchase your dresses with pockets with Blue Banana you will soon be whipping out objects from your pockets like a magician and impressing your friends. Nothing excites a group of girls more than a garment with pockets. Become a magician with hidden skirt pockets or show off your pocket fashion with visible pockets. Whatever your style, you won’t be having problems with storage anymore! Share your pocket pics with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Written by Amy McEvoy

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