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The new and long waited for dance trends section has finally landed here at Blue Banana! With a whole host of different styles on show including cheerleading all the way through to street ballet, our dedicated team have worked hard to bring you the best collection of dance clothing around. Whether dancing is your passion or you need some Saturday Night Fever style clobber for that ultimate fancy dress party, you won’t believe your eyes when you check out what we have in stock. From big wigs to cheerleading cosmetics, Ibiza arm and leg warmers to rock and roll belts, Blue Banana has covered every category you could imagine! Be sure to keep your hobby alive with the help of our dance trends section and check it out today.

Introducing the new and brilliant dance trends section that is to hit our website shortly, we will cover a wide range of different dance styles to try and include everyone. Our team of dedicated and loyal staff are working hard to put this collection together, making sure they pick all of the best products carefully. Of course creating a section of this size takes hard work, a lot of time and an extreme amount of patience, especially from you guys, so instead of waiting for this page to be produced, we’d love to hear from you for constructive opinions and ideas for what we can add to make it perfect for everyone! With dance fashions from the urban hip hop scene right the way through to rock and roll dresses, you will be able to find everything you’re looking for under this sector. So while we’re in the process of creating this dance trends segment, take a look at the rest of our Blue Banana website.

New Dance Fashion Collection

Whether you follow the dance trends or dancing is your life long obsession, then there’s no need to search anywhere else for all your clothing needs. Here at Blue Banana we know how important it is to be yourself and follow your heart with whatever you enjoy the most in your life. With so many diverse sectors on display such as freestyle street dance, we should be your number one shop for all your dancing clothes. It’s time to get packed up and ready for the unforgettable holiday of a life time, grab yourself some of our Ibiza clubbing range goodies. Whether you need some Ibiza neon club wear to stand out from the club crowds or Ibiza club headwear to keep you looking cool and protected from the sun at the same time then Blue Banana is the place to look. You can guarantee we will have the clothes for you to have the perfect summer holiday, so make it one to remember by browsing through our dance trends section now.

Make sure you have the best costume for that fancy dress party with our dance trends collection, guaranteed to have something for everyone, you can count on us to provide you with nothing but the ultimate outfit ideas. Whether you’re going with a theme, you can create the perfect Flashdance style or John Travolta look, nobody puts baby in a corner with us! It’s time to get a groove on with our disco fashion range and take a step back in time to revive the era where disco dance was at its prime. Not the only blast from the past, we also have a range dedicated to the infamous rock and roll age, bring the King back to life with our range. With rock and roll shirts and tops for men and rock and roll skirts for women, get ready to jive and swing into dance action! As if this wasn’t enough, all of our products under the dance trends section comes fully covered with our terms and conditions guarantee, so you can trust us when it comes to ordering online.

Modern Dancing Clothes Range

It’s not just previous dance trends we offer here, we also have current and modern clothing ranges so you get nothing but diversity to keep that spring in your step like the jazz, modern dance and tap dance section. Best of all, each and every item has been worn, tried and tested to ensure you get your money’s worth. With both men and women in mind, we’ve made sure to include the biggest selection of dance clothing so you don’t have to keep searching for your all important dance gear. We know you’ll just love our cheerleader outfits, what girl wouldn’t? Complete with all the essentials to get you started from cheerleader pom poms to cheerleader jumpers and tops, we promise to have exactly what you need. With the sport becoming increasingly popular on this side of the world, we thought we’d get ahead of the game and get you ready for the storm that’s about to it the UK. If you just like the fashion or want to adopt a bit of cheer into your current style, make sure you do it with us.

With fresh dance trends popping up and stealing the limelight, we’ve included a whole new dance that very few people have heard of – street ballet! This form of dance takes inspiration from both street dance and ballet which is to spread like wildfire throughout the culture. With street ballet fashion hitting the streets, we wanted to make sure you get a head start on upcoming styles. Bursting with street ballet accessories and street ballet footwear, as well as sections covering every clothing type, Blue Banana has definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. All of our loyal customers will be pleased to know that every single garment and accessory has been made to pure satisfaction from the most durable, lightweight and comfortable materials around, supplying you with nothing but the best so you can carry on what you love doing the most. So take a look around our diverse dance trends sections today, we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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